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Business Sellers are required to carry insurance, have a current W-9, and earn high customer reviews. If a Seller has not met these standards for you, please report them to from their storefront.



Company Overview's mission is to continuously improve the convenience, selection, and management of parts and machinery. 

We were founded in 2017, born from our experience in the wholesale equipment rental industry. We noticed a pattern of unused parts in shops and underutilized equipment sitting on rental yards. These parts and machines were rarely marketed online for sale. So we decided to build a platform where equipment and parts Sellers can list their inventories for sale nationally, create a unique storefront, and control all aspects of the process.

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Our tagline is Your Equipment Assistant because delighting customers guides every decision we make. We see ourselves as doing the "heavy lifting" of building an e-commerce platform so you get the benefits of nationwide Seller competition, easy online transactions, and a dashboard to manage the entire process.

If you have ideas on how we can improve or need a part/machine you cannot find, call us at 800-554-3802 or Thank you and I hope you find what you need!

Luke Powers
Founder & President

Your Equipment Assistant

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