"You Must Use Management Information Tools" Axiom

8. You Must Use Management Information Tools

Over/Under Report, Prospect List, Auction Schedules, Upcoming Available Rental Units, etc.

Your internal ERP system generated reports are critical to managing your time, fleet, and people. There are many good ERP providers, and virtually all of them have useful automatic reporting tools.

What we're interested in helping you with at is selling more parts and machinery! On your Supplier Dashboard you have these reporting tools available:

  • Top 5 Most Sold Products by Volume
  • Top 5 Most Sold Products by Revenue
  • Sales Trend Over the Past 12 Months
  • Conversion Rates Over the Past 90 Days

These reports are designed to help you manage your overall selling strategy on product positioning, pricing, and current offering.

Instead of building out your own e-commerce website or paying thousands of dollars in listing fees per month, all you need to do is manage towards these metrics to maximize your e-commerce profitability. Whether you are selling many small tools and parts, or a few large machines, these are important metrics to track.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review, and we look forward to serving you on!

The Eight Axioms for Used Equipment Management Success is written by Walter J. McDonald in his book, "Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance"

The book is available for purchase on their website:

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