Buyer frequently asked questions

Can I expedite my shipping?

Yes! On any part, tool, or piece of equipment you see on Gearflow, we can get you the next day or second day air. Ground shipping rates automatically charge at checkout, so please call us at 800-554-3802 or use the Gear Bot if you need it expedited. We’re here to help!

How can I be sure I get what I need?

We have dedicated account support standing by to make sure you get the right tool, part, or piece of equipment you are looking for. We can search across our network of suppliers who are active on the site as well as hundreds more who are not yet. This gives you a much greater access to the best value and availability, all while having one dedicated account support team at Gearflow!

What are my payment options?

For customers in the US and Canada, we accept credit cards at checkout. For all other international buyers, we require a wire transfer before the products are shipped. If you are outside the US (or inside for that matter!) and want assistance with your equipment and payment options, please give us a call at 800-554-3802 or use the Gear Bot.

Can I order from multiple suppliers at the same time?

Absolutely! Go ahead and checkout with as many products from as many suppliers as you’d like. If you want sourcing help, we’re on standby! Please give us a call at 800-554-3802 or use the Gear Bot.

How do I make a return?

Please refer to the supplier’s return instructions on their product page, and also notify the Gearflow support team. We’re here to help you process it. Return policies vary from supplier to supplier so be sure to check the supplier's return policy before ordering.