400X86X54 Rubber Track - Fits CAT Model: 242D, C-Lug Tread Pattern

400X86X54 Rubber Track - Fits CAT Model: 242D, C-Lug Tread Pattern

Part Number: B400X86X54C

C-Lug Tread Pattern | 16" Wide | Sold Per Track Individually


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Dominion Rubber Tracks for Caterpillar 242D


> Caterpillar loaders are a preferred piece of equipment by those working in the construction and agriculture industries. 

> Their high performance undercarriage technology gives them superior traction and floatation to enable work on all types of terrain. 

> The unique design also contributes to machine stability and smooth operation.

> Caterpillar tracks promote low ground pressure and minimal disturbance on sensitive ground surfaces. 

> These rubber tracks are embedded with high tensile cords that are coiled like springs to stretch while preventing track elongation. 

> The tracks are tough and durable enough that they withstand wear even when used in severe applications.


Track Part Number: 400X86X54

Track Width: 400

Pitch Length: 86.0 mm

Total Number of Links: 54

Fits Make and Model(s): Caterpillar 242D

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