Timken Double Seal Ball Bearing Part #SYHJ-D220-PRO

Timken Double Seal Ball Bearing Part #SYHJ-D220-PRO

Timken Part #SYHJ-D220-PRO


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Product Description

Aftermarket Timken double seal ball bearing, part SYHJ-D220-PRO.

This double seal ball bearing is also known as part numbers: TM62042RS, TM62042RSC3, TM6204-2RSC3, TM6204-2RSPM, TM6204-2RSPM-TIM, TM62042RS-TIM, TM6204-2RS-TIM, TSP226, SYHJ-D220 and TM6204-2RS.


Wheel Outer Diameter: 7.00" (178mm)

Tread Width: 2.00" (51mm)

Bearing Bore: 1.85" (47mm)

Bearing: 6204 2RS

Description: Load Wheel Bearing

This load wheel bearing part is common replacement part for many types of hand pallet trucks.

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