Broom 72" Hydraulic Angle Severe Duty Includes Couplers, Harness Sold Separately

Broom 72" Hydraulic Angle Severe Duty Includes Couplers, Harness Sold Separately

Broom 72" Hydraulic Angle Severe Duty Includes Couplers, Harness Sold Separately | Blue Diamond Attachments | Part #116110, 116115, 116120


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The Severe Duty hydraulic angle broom is a brutal attachment for the serious user. From front to back it has been engineered for daily use in tough conditions. Everywhere you look on this broom, you see quality and ingenuity.

• Hydraulic angle and bristle operate simultaneously

• Oversized main shaft spindles

• Massive bearings

• Floating head design with spring tensioner

• Welded heavy duty cylinder

• Grease fittings on pivot points

• 32” bristles with poly or poly steel available

• 14 pin OEM connector available

• Water kit available

• Pivot Angle of 30 degrees




FEATURE:  Built Extremely Rugged

REASON:  1) Designed to fill a need with commercial road work contractors needing both added durability and functionality

FEATURE:  Dual A-frame Pivot Design with Hinge Point

REASON:  1) Much heavier than competition in this area and also allows for the cylinder and valve to be more protected

FEATURE:  Floating Head

REASON:  1) Allows bristle to follow ground contours and reduces wear on bristles. This function also reduces stress on the frame

FEATURE:  Angles While Sweeping

REASON:  1) Many brooms do only one function at a time

FEATURE:  32” Bristles

REASON:  1) Longer life compared to smaller bristles

FEATURE:  2” Spindle and Oversize Bearing


1) Built to withstand the rigors of heavy use. Many competitors are 1” to 1.5”

2) Welded cylinder

3) Versus tie rod. More durable and repairable

FEATURE:  Grease Fittings on all Pivot and Hinge Points

REASON:  1) Better maintenance leads to longer life of unit

FEATURE:  Replaceable Hood

REASON:  1) In the event of damage, the hood can be replaced versus units that are welded

FEATURE: Built in Relief Valve to Protect Breakage of Drive Unit

REASON: 1) Does not rely on the skid steer relief valve to protect the motor 

FEATURE: Brooms Stands Fold Up and Pin Out of the Way

REASON: 1) Many slide up in a holder that tends to get caught on things and bend

FEATURE: Water Kit

REASON: 1) Any competitors do not have a water kit for angle brooms. This kit mounts to the frame versus sitting over the bristles causing excess wear

Part Numbers: 116110, 116115, 116120, 116125

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