Broom, Pickup Series, 96" (includes couplers) (add $85 overlength charge)

Broom, Pickup Series, 96" (includes couplers) (add $85 overlength charge)

Broom, Pickup Series, 96" includes couplers | Blue Diamond Attachments | Part #116510, 116515, 116520


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This premium pickup broom is designed for heavy commercial use. Years of market research lead to this premium broom that will stand up to the rigors of the roadwork industry as well as hold up in rental applications. This simple, clean design gives added structure to typical wear areas and damage prone components such as a built in water kit, and heavy reinforcement on the front of the broom shroud. The low profile water tank allows the operator better visibility of the work area thereby reducing accidents. The 26” diameter poly/ steel broom is available in 60”, 72”, 84” and a 96” width. An oversize bolt-on 8″ x ¾” double bevel edge protects the ¾” weld in edge from wear and adds strength to the leading edge of the bucket. Wear bars welded to the bottom of the bucket provides strength and protects the bucket from premature wear. Oversize bearings and spindles also set this broom on a new level versus competitive brands!

For those that require a high quality broom, this is the answer!



• Heavy 2″ main shaft

• Oversized 6″ bearings

• 1 1/2″ x 7″ zinc height adjustment pins, 4 position

• 7″ tall front crash bar

• 28″ high x 58″ long

• Optional 45 Gallon low profile water kit


Heavy use customer feedback includes:


• Increased productivity

• Less downtime

• Easy to adjust (no tools required)

• Triple the life of other well known brands

• Much higher resale value

• Customers come back asking for this broom (rental)

• Easy to move from machine to machine with the water kit! 

Application Includes:

• Predrilled for optional pressurized water system

• Mounts for gutter brush included

• Bolt-on-rubber skirting to contain debris 

• Motor and shaft guards 

• 1 1/2” x 7” zinc height adjustment pins with 4 positions 

• Heavy duty dump stops 

• Grease fittings on all pivot points and bearings 

• Steps mounted on back of bucket for entering and exiting the host machine

*Water Kit and Gutter Brush are optional and available for all models.



FEATURE :  Heavy Duty Front Crash Bar and Shrouding

REASON :  1) Extremely apparent in our research, we realized this was a major issue with almost every manufacturer. Seriously caved in front shrouds was the norm at all rental companies we visited

FEATURE :  Reinforced Bucket Bottom

REASON :  1) Using the wear bars to transfer impact to the back of the bucket increased the floor strength substantially

FEATURE :  Heavy Duty Adjuster; no tools needed

REASON :  1) This was a constant complaint from heavy end-users (needing wrenches and breakage) so we added structure in this area and used a no-tools needed adjuster pin

FEATURE :  8” Bolt-on-edge

REASON :  1) The cutting edge failures were something we heard a lot. The industry seems to use very light edges (4” or 6”) so we went to 8” and a full ¾” thick versus the ½” some are using

FEATURE :  Oversize Bearing and Spindle

REASON :  1) The 2” spindle and HD bearing are substantially bigger than the industry norm

FEATURE :  Low Profile Broom Mounted Water Kit

REASON :  1) Cab mounted water kits limit the machines the broom can be used on and are awkward to install and remove. This low profile tank stays with the broom and does not impair visibility. The 37 gallon tank will give up to 60 mins of run time depending on the width of the broom

FEATURE :  HD Water Kit Hardware

REASON :  1) The steel spray bar is far more durable than plastic or rubber lines and hoses that are easily torn off

FEATURE :  Grease Fittings on Hinge Points

REASON :  1) This broom is designed for the serious user and or rental fleets to increase productivity and reduce downtime while lasting many times longer

Part Numbers: 116510, 116515, 116520, 116525

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