Brush Cutter, 72" Extreme Duty Closed Front Hf, 27-35 Gpm 200cc

Brush Cutter, 72" Extreme Duty Closed Front Hf, 27-35 Gpm 200cc

Brush Cutter, 72" Extreme Duty Closed Front Hf, 27-35 Gpm 200cc | Blue Diamond Attachments | Part #103015, 103020, 103023


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This brush cutter is the most versatile skid steer brush cutter on the market. Cuts grass like a lawn mower and still cut 5″ trees!! Why buy a brush cutter that limits you to one or the other? Very few, if any other cutters are able to preform in such a variety of applications, like the Blue Diamond Extreme Duty cutters will!

The extreme duty brush cutter is a high-powered, low flow or high flow direct drive unit with a 1-year warranty. The purpose built hydraulic motor drives a 3.5” forged one piece drive spindle! that is housed in 2 massive bearings. The direct drive bearing carrier is now grease packed and can be greased from a zerk under the hood. This new improvement has dramatically reduced down time and bearing failures! Under the deck, instead of a spline shaft, it has a 13” x 1” flange with 10 bolts connecting the blade carrier. The wire protection kit between the deck and the blade carrier keeps fence wire and vines away from the lower bearing seal and reduces down time from hidden debris. This powerful yet quiet cutter will produce a cleaner cut at a quicker travel speed than was thought possible on a low flow skid steer. The 10” deck clearance and the raised back allow cut debris to escape and to easily avoid bunching under the deck.

• No case drain needed on low flow units

• New faster acting external cross port relief and brake

• New longer lasting stamped blades

• Available in low or high flow



FEATURE: 4 Double Edged Blades


1) Superior cutting ability both in grass and trees. Many competitors use 2 or 3 blades reducing the ability to cut clean and fast 

2) the double edge can be used to reserve one side for cutting in grass and one for heavy cutting. Many competitive models have only one edge 

3) Keeps the operation of the cutter noticeably smoother

FEATURE: Chain Curtain on Front and Back

REASON: 1) These chain curtains drastically reduce the chance of throwing debris and causing damage. Some competitive units do not have chains simply to reduce cost

FEATURE: 3.5” Forged One Piece Spindle

REASON: 1) We put a lifetime warranty on this spindle against breakage. This has been a serious issue with many competitors who use either gearboxes or smaller fabricated spindles 

FEATURE: Grease versus Oil in Direct Drive

REASON: 1) The number 1 cause of failures in brush cutters is typically the drive system due to vines and hidden fence wire. The lower seal gets cut and the oil leaks out undetected causing the drive to seize. Grease does not run out quickly and the unit can be greased occasionally until the seal can be replaced. We actually tested a unit in the field without a seal for over a year without issues

FEATURE: Bi-directional Motor

REASON: 1) This allows control of discharge direction. It also allows for use of both sides of the blades. Many competitors are single direction only or they require hose or couplers to be reversed for direction change

FEATURE: Solid ¾” Blade Carrier

REASON: 1) The mass created by this blade carrier and the 4 blades, keeps the momentum going through tough conditions. This allows for use on lower flow skid steers. Light blade carriers and less blades tend to stop very easily


Part Numbers: 103015, 103020, 103023, 103024

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