Brush Cutter, 72" Severe Duty, Piston 150cc 16-26 Gpm Case Drain Required

Brush Cutter, 72" Severe Duty, Piston 150cc 16-26 Gpm Case Drain Required

Brush Cutter, 72" Severe Duty, Piston 150cc 16-26 Gpm Case Drain Required | Blue Diamond Attachments


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The incredible power and versatility in this skid steer brush cutter will all but remove the need for a mulching head. 10” cut capacity and incredible performance in grass make this brutally tough unit the top in its class. Using the highest quality piston motor on the market, torque throughout its flow range is unmatched. The visible pressure gauge keeps you aware of the work load and will allow you to work at peak performance, increasing productivity tremendously! Adjustable skid shoes allow the cutting height to be altered. The mammoth 1” thick blade carrier weighs over 500 lbs and has a serrated edge to help with mulching and destroying fence wire that so often takes out brush cutters. The best just got better!!


• High torque piston motor available in high or low flow!

• Low flow version outperforms most competitors high flow models!

• Massive 1″ thick serrated blade carrier weighs over 500 lbs.

• Easy machine entry

• Adjustable skid shoes

• Cutter weighs over 2000 lbs.

• Large pressure gauge

• 1 year warranty


FEATURE: Piston Motor


1) Higher torque throughout RPM range to provide “low end grunt” while under load

2) Runs cooler in hot conditions preventing need for oil cooler

3) More efficient use of oil, reserving more for other critical machine functions

FEATURE: Serrated Blade Carrier


1) Processes material better, leaving a better finished look

2) Keeps branches from getting hung up on top of carrier

3) Assists in cutting vines and stopping wire from getting into the spindle

FEATURE: Pressure Gauge


1) Allows operator to monitor work load

2) Notifies operator of a blockage

FEATURE: Bolt-on Skid Shoes


1) Allows for some height adjustment

2) Can be replaced if worn

FEATURE: Drop Down Blades


1) Less jamming then straight “sandwiched” blades

2) More versatile for grass and brush

3) Better quality cut by getting further from the deck surface 

FEATURE: Grease in Bearing Carrier Drive


1) More reliable versus oil that can leak out undetected

2) Only needs greased every 250 hours of use

FEATURE: Raised Back with Chain Curtain


1) Allows for more consistent discharge

2) Spreads out processed material better

3) Less plugging up under the deck

FEATURE: Low Flow Motor Option


1) Much larger customer base

2) Uses less oil reserving more for other critical machine functions 

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