Brush Cutter Mini Excavator Severe Duty 42" 16-26 Gpm 80cc

Brush Cutter Mini Excavator Severe Duty 42" 16-26 Gpm 80cc

Brush Cutter Mini Excavator Severe Duty 42" 16-26 Gpm 80cc | Blue Diamond Attachments | Part #103820


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This brutally powerful brush cutter is a serious attachment for clearing land! The Italian made piston motor will tear through large brush with ease, boasting 40% more torque than geroler/gerotor type motors. The cut-away design allows better access to larger material and keeps grass standing while cutting, leaving a cleaner finish. The three AR400 blades make quick work of brush or grass. Proprietary valving allows this unit to be used without installing a case drain line, a first for a piston motor! This saves you time and money while giving the benefit of the piston motor’s increased torque. Available only in 42″ cut currently, it weighs 729 lbs without a mount. Flow range is 16 to 26 GPM. 10,000 lbs min machine weight recommended, for up to 19,000 lb. machines.


• 1 year warranty

• High torque piston motor

• Cutaway side

• 6” cutting capacity

• No case drain needed

• Bearing seal protection kit under deck

• Grease filled drive dramatically improves bearing life and prevents downtime from seal damage

WARNING: A Forestry package must be installed on the host machine before removing side guards. Only remove one guard at a time, and rotate the cutter so the debris is directed away from the host machine, to avoid machine damage. Operate with care!



FEATURE: Piston Motor


1) Higher torque throughout RPM range to provide “low end grunt” while under load

2) Runs cooler in hot conditions preventing need for oil cooler

3) More efficient use of oil, reserving more for other critical machine functions. This motor is 97% efficient versus a gerolar or gear motor that are 70% or less

FEATURE: Mounting is Bolted On versus Fixed

REASON: 1) This machines if the customer changes machine he just needs to swap out the mount

FEATURE: Direct Drive versus Motor and Gearbox Combination

REASON: 1) This is a far heavier design than the industry standard and uses a 3.5” drive shaft. Most are about 1.5”. This drive shaft has a 0%breakage rate since it was introduced

FEATURE: 3 Blades versus 2

REASON: 1) Cut larger material and cut cleaner

FEATURE: Cut-away Deck Design

REASON: 1) Allows for cutting larger material at the base

FEATURE: Grease Lubricated Drive versus Oil

REASON: 1) Many drive fail due to a small cut in the bearing seal and the oil escapes unknown to the operator. Greaser will run much longer and the grease fitting allows grease to be added to keep the unit operating


Q: Will I be able to mow and drive?

 A: Various machines operate differently, some you can and some will not. A key point to consider is the total flow of all Hydraulic pumps and is it about double the Auxiliary flow? If not then you will likely see a significant drop in tip speed while driving. Booming up commonly affects the mower the most. Cutting should usually be done while rotating or booming down. Driving and cutting is possible on most machines as long as they have a priority valve either factory installed or one has been added. 

Part Number: 103820

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