Bucket, 84" Utility, Tooth

Bucket, 84" Utility, Tooth

Bucket, 84" Utility, Tooth | Blue Diamond Attachments


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This very rugged bucket offers more capacity than a standard low profile bucket yet does not get as cumbersome as a high capacity bucket. Designed for larger machines, it can handle the horsepower and not get overloaded as fast as some OEM buckets. The rolled back on the inside allows the bucket to clean out easier yet the rear heel still offers excellent back dragging and leveling capabilities. Now available in 72″ wide! This is our most popular skid steer bucket!!

Features include:


• ¼” material in the back and floor

• Heavy top cross bar and boxed in bottom corner for strength

• 22” tall and 34” floor

• Smooth model includes a bolt-on-edge

• Rolled back for easy clean out

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