Cold Planer, 12" Low Flow Min 15 Gpm / 2000 Psi includes couplers

Cold Planer, 12" Low Flow Min 15 Gpm / 2000 Psi includes couplers

Part Number: 160105, 160110

Cold Planer, 12" Low Flow Min 15 Gpm / 2000 Psi includes couplers | Blue Diamond Attachments | Part #160105, 160110


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This premium low flow skid steer cold planer uses the most trusted components in the industry from the Sauer piston motor to the Fairfield planetary hub. These high end components combined with the highly engineered design makes this low flow cold planer one of the most trusted units available for a skid steer! Using the Rocket Fin tooth from the factory and the V tooth pattern setup, vibration is reduced and productivity is greatly increased! The adjustable side runners provide fine adjustment for grade control. The huge access cover allows easier tooth replacement (reducing tooth change time by up to 50% over competitors). This also provides a much safer way to change the teeth instead of getting under the unit!




• Removal of asphalt surfaces prior to overlay

• Shoulder widening projects

• Pothole repair

• Restoring drainage near curb lines & catch basins

• Mixing stabilizing agents into base for more durable repair


FEATURE : Extra Side Shift

REASON : 1) Side shift is a very important feature that can make or break a deal in some applications. Our experience has shown that the Blue Diamond cold planer has the most side shift off center in the industry. Working alongside a curb is anissue faced by most any contractor and can be very frustrating when they are unable to get close enough. We have seen this alone eliminate competitors from a deal

FEATURE : Drum supported on the opposing side from the motor

REASON : 1) The Blue Diamond cold planer uses a premium load bearing opposite the motor side to support the drum. This is an obvious improvement over most competitors and keeps the machine running smooth and lengthens the life of the attachment

FEATURE : Skid Shoes versus Roller Wheels

REASON : 1) Roller wheels have become a nuisance; they last a very short time due to the abrasive nature of the material they are constantly exposed to

FEATURE : Rocket Fin Teeth

REASON : 1) These teeth turn as they cut providing longer tooth life by wearing the tooth consistently and also keeps the tooth from seizing in the holder. Longer tooth life and easier changing saves both time and money. The large access cover also makes tooth changes easier 

FEATURE : Host Machine Flexibility

REASON : 1) In some instances, cold planers are machine specific. The Blue Diamond cold planer can be easily used on any 14 or 8 pin plug machine by simply changing the harness. The only restrictions are going to a Bobcat 7 pin or from a 3 line to a 5 line. These modifications can be done but we recommend returning the planer to Blue Diamond for these changes

Part Numbers: 160105, 160110

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