Dominion 300x52.5Wx84 Rubber Track for Volvo EC35

Dominion 300x52.5Wx84 Rubber Track for Volvo EC35

Part Number: 300x52.5Wx84

Volvo EC35 Rubber Track 300x52.5Wx84 OEM Aftermarket Equivalent Replacement | Dominion Part #300x52.5Wx84


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Dominion Rubber Track for Volvo EC35  


> Dominion branded Volvo replacement tracks feature Continuous Wrap Technology which ensures there are no weak points by using a coated single steel cable to construct the track

These Volvo rubber tracks are half pitch tracks with twice as many lugs as a full pitch track. Every sprocket tooth will grab a lug resulting in a smoother and more comfortable ride.


DEP uses premium rubber compounds that extend track life. We offer wide and deep tread lugs which are designed to offer increased traction and better mud release while decreasing track cutting, ground disturbance and vibrations.

The company’s joint-less technology and one-step vulcanization of the tread bars, drive lugs and track carcass results in increased adhesion strength and minimizes tearing on the bars/lugs. We offer an improved heavy-duty, 4-layer internal cable system to reduce punctures, abrasions and carcass distortion. The 6.5mm high-tensile main cables exceed the requirements of modern high-horsepower machinery and greatly increase tear resistance.

Increased flotation and decreased compaction allows the machine to work in wet soil conditions, while increased ground power results in lower fuel usage, lower vibration and the ability to use larger attachments.


Track Part Number: 300x52.5Wx84

Track Width in Inches: 12"

Track Width in Millimeters: 300 mm

Pitch Length: 53mm

Total Number of Links: 84

Fits Make and Model(s): Volvo EC35

Warranty: 6 months

How to Measure Track Sizes for Replacement Tracks:

How To Install Rubber Tracks:

Many tread patterns available, send us a message in the chat if you would like a specific tread pattern

Disclaimer: Picture is a representative of the Volvo Rubber Track but not necessarily the actual Rubber Track of this specific product.

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