Dominion B320X86X52C for BOBCAT T650

Dominion B320X86X52C for BOBCAT T650

BOBCAT T650 Rubber Track B320X86X52C OEM Aftermarket Equivalent Replacement | Dominion Part #B320X86X52C


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Dominion Rubber Tracks for Bobcat model T650  


> Dominion branded Bobcat replacement tracks feature Continuous Wrap Technology which ensures there are no weak points by using a coated single steel cable to construct the track

These Bobcat rubber tracks are half pitch tracks with twice as many lugs as a full pitch track. Every sprocket tooth will grab a lug resulting in a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Tread Design:


Track Part Number: B320X86X52C

Track Width: 12" B320

Pitch Length: 86mm

Total Number of Links: 49

Fits Model(s): Bobcat T650 

Guaranteed to Fit: If our Bobcat T650 tracks do not fit your machine, we will pay the freight to get the correct track to you.

Warranty: 6 months

How to Measure Track Sizes for Replacement Tracks:

How To Install Rubber Tracks:

Dominion Equipment Parts Carries Bobcat Tracks To Fit These Models:

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• Bobcat MT50

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• Bobcat MT55 B180

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• Bobcat T200 Tracks

• Bobcat T250

• Bobcat T300

• Bobcat T320

• Bobcat T450 Tracks

• Bobcat T630 Tracks

• Bobcat T650 Tracks

• Bobcat T740

• Bobcat T750

• Bobcat T770

• Bobcat X 220

• Bobcat X 231

• Bobcat X 320

• Bobcat X 322

• Bobcat X 325

• Bobcat X 328

• Bobcat X 331

• Bobcat X 331E

• Bobcat X 334

• Bobcat X 335

• Bobcat X 337

• Bobcat X 341

• Bobcat X 864 Tracks

• Bobcat X T190 Tracks

• Bobcat X T630 Tracks

• Bobcat X T650 Tracks

• Bobcat X323

• Bobcat X329

• Bobcat X430

Many tread patterns available, send us a message in the chat if you would like a specific tread pattern

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