Euroboor ECO.60S Magnetic Drilling Machine

Euroboor ECO.60S Magnetic Drilling Machine

Part Number: ECO.60S

Ø 7/16" - 2 3/8" | 28.4 Lbs | Mag Drill | Big Scale Fabrication


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Our machines are considered to be the market standard in safety, quality, reliability and efficiency. It is our goal to exceed our customer's expectations for working with Euroboor tools.

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Our Magnetic Drilling Machines are designed and engineered to the highest standards. With our many years of experience we dare to say that we know what you need. We stay in charge of today’s and tomorrow’s demands by being active in the field and remaining in close contact with the people that actually use our machines.

At Euroboor we believe that a professional like you must be able to rely on a professional supplier like us for premium and innovative portable magnetic drilling machines.

We develop and provide premium and innovative portable drilling and cutting solutions.


Magnetic Drilling Machine

Ø 7/16" - 2 3/8" / 28.4 lbs

The Euroboor ECO.60S magnetic core drilling machine has a powerful 14.5 A (1600 W) motor, with overheat protection, which allows the portable industrial core drilling machine to drill holes up to Ø 2 3/8" (60 mm) with ease. The optimized slide makes drilling with the ECO.60S easy and more precise. And the electric speed adjustment lets you control the speed of this magnetic drill with the highest accuracy.


Annular Cutting: Ø 7/16" - 2 3/8"

Twist Drilling: Ø 1/16" - 15/16"

Countersinking: Ø 3/8" - 2 9/16"

Length: 12 5/8"

Width: 7 7/8"

Height: 17 3/16" - 24 1/2"

Stroke: 6 11/16"

Weight: 28.4 lbs

Magnet (L x W x H): 6 5/8" x 3 5/16" x 1 15/16"

Magnetic Force: 4080 lbs

Motor Power: 14.5 A

Total Power: 15.4 A

Speed (No Load): (I) 60 - 275 rpm | (II) 100 - 500 rpm

Speed (Load 14.5 A): (I) 60 - 275 rpm | (II) 100 - 500 rpm

Spindle (Weldon): MT 3 3/4"

Voltage: 110 - 120 V / 60 Hz

Case Content

1 x ECO.60S Magnetic drilling machine

1 x safety guard

3 x handles

1 x hex key 1/8"

2 x hex key 3/16"

1 x lubrication system

1 x safety chain

1 x bottle (6,8 oz) of IBO.10 cutting oil

1 x arbor MT 3 – 3/4" Weldon, including lubrication ring (IMC.30/19-N)

1 x morse taper ejector drift key

1 x user manual

1 x safety ear protection

1 x safety goggles

1 x safety gloves


Electronic speed adjustment

Easily accessible auto shut-off carbon brushes

Overheat protection

High accuracy capstan hub

MT3 with integrated tool cooling and lubrication

Magnet LED Indicator

Strong dual coil CNC machined magnet


Integrated slide and one-speed gearbox for:

- High accuracy

- Enlarged lifecycle

- Minimal vibration

High precision height adjustment for:

- Low maintenance

- Minimal wear correction

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