Genie GS-1530 & GS-1930 Solid Tire & Wheel Assembly

Genie GS-1530 & GS-1930 Solid Tire & Wheel Assembly

Armadillo Tire, LLC
Genie part numbers for these tires: 105122GT, 96251


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Genie part numbers for these tires: 105122GT, 96251

Fits Genie models: GS-1530, GS-1532, GS-1930, & GS-1932 Scissor Lifts

As featured in Genie part catalogs: 1275130GT, 229145GT, 97384, 96315, 39529, 1285637GT

Are you considering new tires for your Genie GS-1530, GS-1532, GS-1930, & GS-1932 scissor lift? These solid tires make an excellent choice when compared to the OEM brand! Substantial cost savings upfront, and the same or better long-term performance and durability. These are genuine Genie lift tires that meet all the same specifications and quality. You will see a dramatic lifetime savings on your tire expenses. These solid scissor lift tires fit Genie part number 105122GT. These Genie scissor lift tires for 15' and 19' categories come in gray color only. The solid rubber tires are cured-on to the wheel itself for an inbreakable adhesion bond. If you also need a wheel puller, see part number 66863GT.

Price is per tire.

About the Brand:

EXMILE CURED-ON solid tires provide a high percentage of natural rubber in the tread compound, giving them the longest wear possible even in the most extreme applications and offering low rolling resistance to ensure longer battery life or lower fuel consumption. Exmile's super adhesion strength between the compound and steel will also ensure an extended life. These traits make EXMILE the best cured-on tire manufacturer for either the small or global OEM customers. It is also the best choice for any aftermarket application where the lowest cost of ownership (cost per hour used) is desired. EXMILE tires are even used as the OEM tire for some Genie and JLG OEM tires. EXMILE solid tires are distributed by Armadillo Tires, and Gearflow is their preferred online dealer.


Type: Non-Marking

Color: Gray

Location: Front and/or Rear tires

Style: Grooved (treaded)

Section Width: 4.5"

Overall Diameter: 12"

Metric measurements: 305mm x 114mm

Style: Shaft-mount

Pilot Hole Size: 38mm

Per Tire Weight: 32.50 lbs

Load Capacity:

6 km/hr = 2,390 lbs

10 km/hr = 2,138 lbs

25 km/hr = 1,113 lbs

Static = 2,679 lbs

Company Overview

Armadillo Tire searches the globe for the best tires for scissor lifts, boom lifts, telehandlers, skid steers, & forklifts. Bringing factory-direct pricing to you! Made with the most durable rubber compounds, along with the strongest adhesion to wheels.

Armadillo Tire, LLC is the product of returning to a time when people did business with people. When products were high quality and when manufacturer representatives understood the needs of their dealers and were men and women of integrity!

Steven Smith founded Armadillo Tire, LLC in the spring of 2014. Steven has worked at the dealer level for over 13 years and understands what a dealer and his/her customer really wants. Steven possesses keen insight with regard to not only delivering value to the dealer and end-user, but understands the strict quality requirements many Original Equipment Manufacturers require for a product to be stamped “OEM Approved” having started his career working for Darr Equipment Co., a Caterpillar dealer.

Steven appreciates the considerable time and cost associated with marketing a product. He knows which products run and those that will not, and because he knows all of this he knows how to create a unique program for Armadillo Tire, LLC dealers that truly resembles a partnership and not a one-sided equation working solely in the favor of the manufacturer.

Armadillo Tire distributes the highest-quality solid tires in the industry. The brands we offer are EXMILE, MileMax, Eclat, and Kilomax. Giving you long-term savings, safety, and performance.

Shipping Information

Orders ship out via LTL same day or next business day for in-stock tires. Units are shipped via LTL - please give us a call or use the Gear Bot if you need expedited options!

Charged post-checkout if needed:

Residential delivery fee = $40

Liftgate fee = $40

Re-Delivery fee = $40

All orders ship from McGregor, TX (Waco area)

Return & Warranty Policies

Warranty Clause 

All products from Armadillo Tire are guaranteed to be free from defects due to workmanship and materials. The guarantee is valid, if tread lugs are available, and the Tread Wear Indicator (TWI), or  60J line, is still on the sidewall of the tire. The available warranty period is 1 year from the date of purchase or 500 hours from date of installation; whichever comes first.

If the customer has a product failure, a warranty claim adjustment should be submitted according to  the standard claim procedure. Upon examination, Armadillo Tire will approve, or deny the claim within one week. If our analysis shows a tire has failed under this guarantee, we will make an allowance    against the purchase price towards the purchase of a new Armadillo Tire, relative to the unused portion of the tread on the defective tire.

This guarantee is for the exclusive benefit of the owner, and this warranty is not assignable. Armadillo Tire does not warrant against consequential, or incidental damage, arising from defective tire.


All Armadillo Tires are designed and manufactured to carry the loads at the appropriate speeds given in the ETRTO standards. 

Special attention should be paid to the footnotes regarding mounting, speeds, and usage:

> Sizes of the tire and rim should correspond to each other.  

> The sizes of the rim should correspond to the ETRTO standards and tolerances, the type should be   flat base or split wheel for solid resilient tires.

> The rim and lock rings should be in good shape, without cracks, deformations, or excessive rust.   Deformed or damaged parts should be replaced.

> The rim load capacity should be equal to or exceed the tire load capacity.

> All rings making up part of the rim should be used. 

> Trained people using the right tooling should mount tires to the rim according to the Armadillo     mounting recommendations.

> The maximum speed of the vehicle should not exceed the ETRTO values. These speeds are given for  the unloaded vehicle. 

As industrial tires are designed for intermittent service only, and limited running distances. The continuous average speed should not exceed 3 mph at an average load of 75% of the maximum ETRTO load. This at an ambient temperature of 68°F for solid tires.


For average loads, average speeds, and ambient temperatures exceeding the indicated values and for distances longer than 1.2 miles per journey, the application should be investigated in detail to check whether the tire working temperature remains within acceptable and safe limits:

>  Damage resulting from misuse, improper mounting, misapplication, use of non-approved rims,    overloading, misalignment, defective brakes, abuse, willful damage, oil, chemical action, fire, or other externally generated heat, use of studs, water, or other material entrapped inside the tire, vehicle   damage or road hazards (such as rock cuts, punctures, cut separations, impacts, flex breaks).

> Irregular or tapered wear or rapid tread wear 

> Used, Repaired, or Retread tires

> Tires that have been modified in any way (regrooving, relugging, etc.) 

> Any costs associated with the repair of tires (unless previously approved by Armadillo Tire). 

> Costs of mounting following pro-rated replacement or repair of tires, applicable federal, state, provincial, and local taxes and transportation.

> Cost of disposal of warranted tires (this is the responsibility of the customer)

> Manipulation damage, poor storage, and improper unpacking storage

Armadillo Tires must be stored in a protected environment (a dark, dry place, out of the sunlight), as specified in the ETRTO recommendations.

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