Genie S60 & Z60 Tire Only 355/55D625

Genie S60 & Z60 Tire Only 355/55D625

Part Number: 88728GT

Genie S60 & Z60 Tire | Measurements: 355/55D625 | Part # 88728GT, 88728, 88730, & 88729


Armadillo Tire, LLC McGregor, TX

Product Description

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Selecting The Right Tires for Your Genie S60 or Z60 Boom Lift

Do you need a new set of tires to keep your Genie 60' boom lift running like new? Don't overspend! These tires are made with high-quality compounds for the same long-lasting performance and fitment as the OEM, for a much better value.

Other options to consider as you look for new tires for your 60' lift:

Air-Filled Tire and Wheel Assemblies:

Right-Hand side

Left-Hand side

Foam-Filled Tire and Wheel Assemblies:

Right-Hand side

Left-Hand side


Type: Air Tire 355/55 D625

Part Number: 88728GT

Part Manuals: 1263371, 1260108, 1285301GT, 1257686, 102499

Static Load: 16,755 lbs.

Load at 6 Mph: 12,870 lbs.

Dimensions: 36" x 13.5"

Weight/Tire: 110 lbs.

Fits Genie Models: Genie S60, S65, S60X, S60XC, S60HC, Z60/34, Z62/40, Z60/37 DC/FE

Ply: 16

Types of Tires Available:


Lug Pattern (foam-filled or air-filled)

• Non-marking

Tire Inspection:

Examine the tires for damage to the tread area and sidewalls (i.e. cuts, tears, missing chunks, etc.)

Ensure that the solid tire is completely bonded to the rim and if there's any sign of separation of the tire from the rim, then it's time that the tire should be replaced

When you inspect your unit with non-marking tires please assure that a static strap is installed on the machine because a static charge build-up occurs when the carbon is removed from the non-marking tire (gray or white). The static strap will dissipate this charge to help protect onboard electronics.

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