Genie Super Hoist GH 5.6 Material Lift

Genie Super Hoist GH 5.6 Material Lift

Part Number: GH 5.6

18' 4" Lifting Height | 250 Lbs. Capacity | 4' 6" Stowed Height | 82 Lbs. Machine Weight


Genie Industries Redmond, WA
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Product Description

Are you putting too much strain on your back lifting heavy loads?


Many people do not realize the amount of strain we put on our backs lifting heavy loads throughout the workday. According to the Mayo Clinic website, "Back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor or miss work, and it is a leading cause of disability worldwide. Most people have back pain at least once."


As one of the leading causes of disability worldwide, we should take proper care to ensure the safety of ourselves and our employees as we do our work.

Are you concerned with the well-being of your employees?

As employers, if we are not careful to look out for the safety of our employees, we run the serious risk of losing our best people to disability or worse -- a disability claim lawsuit.


Employees are more engaged and effective in work environments that give them the tools and support they need to be at their best.

Are you interested in learning how the Genie Super Hoist can increase productivity?

Since 1966, Genie Industries has been creating products to help us lift, push, and move ourselves and materials for more efficient job sites and warehouses. Today, Genie is a top aerial lift manufacturer with 4 plants worldwide. Millions and millions of hardworking businesses have come to depend on the reliability and longevity of their Genie lift. 


If you are in the business of loading/unloading trucks, stacking materials in a warehouse, commercial building, or just need a hand with your heavy loads, the Genie Super Hoist GH-5.6 is for you!

Genie Super Hoist GH-5.6

Powered by CO2 or compressed air, the Genie Super Hoist GH 5.6 material lifts are lightweight and portable. They can be set up in seconds with no tools. And, they can easily transported by one person.


(A) Lifting Height: 18 ft. 4.5 in. (5.60 m)

Load Capacity: 250 lbs. (113 kg)

(A) Stowed Height: 4 ft. 6 in.

Machine Weight: 82 lbs.

(B) Platform Length: 1 ft. 5 in.

(C) Platform Width: 2 ft.

(D) Base Width (corner-to-corner): 4 ft. 5 in.

*Weight will vary depending on options and/or country standards


• Platform Cradle Package ($330)

- For Platform Part No. 2353GT and 23172GT includes 6563GT & 10262GT

- For Cradle Part No. 80598GT and 23051GT includes 22578GT, 22577GT & 80598GT

• Brushed Aluminum 20 Lbs. (9 Kg) CO2 Tank ($595)

- Part No. 2373-SGT

For more than 50 years, Genie has gone above and beyond in its product development efforts, focusing on what customers need to be successful in their industries and applications — Genie innovations change the market and set the industry standard for quality, reliability and safety in aerial lift equipment.

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From Genie's Product Catalog:

The Genie® brand was born in 1966 with the original Genie Hoist — a unique portable pneumatic lift that was so successful, it launched the development of a full range of material hoists and aerial work platforms. Today’s Genie Super Hoist™ lift continues the legacy of innovation with an incredibly compact, easy-to-use design. This portable telescoping pneumatic hoist uses CO2 or compressed air to lift up to 300 lb (136 kg) to heights of 12 ft 5.6 in (3.8 m) or up to 250 lb (113 kg) up to 18 ft 4.5 in (5.6 m).

Flexible Power: The hoist is powered by either CO2 or compressed air and provides approximately 80 to 90 lifts from a single tank of CO2. The “one size fits all” bottle mounting bracket accepts any common CO2 bottle size. A 20-lb (9 kg) CO2 tank is also available as an accessory. The hose stretches 16 ft (4.87 m) for added mobility and stores around brackets underneath the platform when not in use.

Easy Operation: Up and down functions, including the dump valve, can all be activated from the pistol-grip control handle, which clips to a storage button on the side of the cylinder when not in use.

Lightweight, compact and portable, this telescoping pneumatic hoist allows an individual to lift heavy loads into place for installation.

Platform Cradle Package: Available as an accessory to handle odd-shaped items.

Versatile Applications: Lift, position and install a wide variety of materials, including metal and fiberboard air ducts, overhead sprinklers/plumbing, drywall and ceiling panels, as well as electrical fixtures.

Quick, Easy Setup: Sets up in seconds — no special tools required. The one-piece platform attaches to the cylinder

with a twist of the wrist. Legs fold out from the base, and the lock mechanism keeps each leg out for use (or up for storage). Casters also lock in place with the touch of a toe.

Lightweight, Compact Design: The compact size and weight allow one person to lift and place heavy loads, yet quickly move from job to job. The hoist is completely portable and easy to store and transport. It’s so lightweight and compact, it fits in the trunk of most cars.

Common Uses for the Genie GH-5.6:

Stacking materials in a warehouse

Portable work table

Lifting tools needed on a job

Job site productivity


Portable and compact design

Up and down dump valve can be easily activated by patented control handle

Quick setup requires no tools

The one-piece platform attaches to cylinder with a twist of the wrist

Legs fold up and lock for easy storage

Caster brakes

Auto-lubricating oil reservoir on top of each piston inside the cylinder

Easy to service

One-piece platform

Powered by CO2 or compressed air

One size fits all CO2 bottle mounting bracket

Options & Accessories:

• Platform cradle package

• 20 lbs. (9 kg) CO2 tank, brushed aluminum

More Images:

*Enlarged view of the Pipe Cradle

*CO2 tank enlarged view

The Genie Super Hoist GH 5.6 in Action:

*The Genie Super Hoist lifting lighting and helping install the lights on stage

*The Genie Super Hoist acting as an extra set of hands at height

*Lifting the stage equipment where it needs to go

*The Genie Super Hoist helping setup a stage before a performance

*The Genie Super Hoist 5.6 lifting lighting equipment on stage for performance preparation

*The Genie Super Hoist installing vents

*The Super Hoist lifting pipes into place

Included Genie Warranty:  1 Year

If you are interested in learning more about Genie's Superlift Advantage material lifts, please call Gearflow at 800-554-3802 or chat us in the Gear Bot! We are looking forward to learning about your business needs, and discussing what the right lift would be.

Alternatively, if you have decided that this new Genie Lift is the one for you, you are welcome to checkout as normal. In-stock orders are shipped within 24 hours via LTL freight to your destination.

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