Hydraulic Breaker, Hb300 (add choice of free tool)

Hydraulic Breaker, Hb300 (add choice of free tool)

Part Number: 135005, 135009, 135016, 135021, 135030, 135040, 135053, 135095

Hydraulic Breaker, Hb300 (add choice of free tool) | Blue Diamond Attachments | Part #135005, 135009, 135016


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Product Description



Absolute superiority is the only way to describe this breaker!

After 5 years of industry research, we began to fully understand the drastic unmet needs of the industry. The quest to develop a breaker that would satisfy these needs drove us to extremes to be able to offer technology, simplicity, reliability, ease of set up, and service support – just to name a few points. Hydraulic Breakers, also known as hammers, are an investment that can, at times, have an entire job waiting on them. Avoid downtime; choose your breaker wisely!



• Self-regulating (No need to adjust host machine flow and pressure)

• Monoblock design (No failure-prone tie rods holding the breaker together)

• Quickest rebuild time in the industry (average 30 minutes)

• Body bushings around piston (Monoblock protected in the event of piston damage)

• Isolation layer between Monoblock and case (Noise and vibration drastically reduced)

• None of the back pressure concerns so prevalent in the industry

• All Blue Diamond breakers are under-water ready

• Anti blank firing system hydraulic break

• 1 Accumulator with energy recovery system

• No re-gassing needed

• Only two internal moving parts

• No tie rods to come loose or break

• Most durable design in the industry backed by a 3 Year Warranty!


This masterpiece will outlast, outperform and provide the highest return on investment of any breaker, period!


*Max Working Pressure is 1750 PSI on every model.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What does Monoblock mean?

A. ‘Monoblock’ refers to the housing in which the piston operates. The Blue Diamond Breaker housing is one piece, so it doesn’t use 4 tie-rods to hold it together like the majority of other brands. Tie-rods are notorious for stretching and breaking, causing mass destruction to the tool.

Q. Do I really not need to adjust the flow and pressure of my machine?

A. Yes, as long as you are operating a breaker on the right size host machine. Industry leading technology components will control incoming and outgoing flows to specified amounts.

Q. What are the sleeves inside the Monoblock for?

A. The sleeves are there to protect the Monoblock in the event of piston damage, and if damaged, they are cheap and simple to replace. The very few brands that use Monoblock technology now do not use sleeves, so a repair could cost almost as much as the breaker.

Q. Do I have to re-gas when servicing?

A. No, the accumulator can be removed as an assembly and not be disturbed; the energy recovery system keeps it from needing to be topped up!

Q. In order to have my 2 year warranty honored, do I have to have it serviced by a dealer regularly?

A. No, unless it develops an oil leak, do not take it apart at all, just grease it and use it!



FEATURE: 3 Year Warranty

REASON: 1) Years of confidence that the breaker is fully supported by Blue Diamond

FEATURE: Mono Block Design


1) Machined from a solid stock of steel and no tie-rods needed to keep components held together (tie-rods stretch and break over time) 

2) All other mono block breakers use a casting versus machining from a solid block. This is more susceptible to cracking and wear. A broken or cracked block usually results in a complete replacement

FEATURE: Internal Bushings


1) In the event of wear or damage the breaker can be rebuilt very simply and economically 

2) Fastest rebuild time of any breaker

FEATURE: Anti-blank Fire


1) Breaker will not fire unless pressure is applied to tool to prevent damage from firing while not on material. This is very hard on a breaker 

2) Recovery from the Anti-blank firing is the quickest in the industry to keep productivity at a maximum

FEATURE: Self Regulating Valve


1) Protects breaker from over pressurization, excessive flow and back pressure 

2) Allows the breaker to be installed without testing host machine flow and pressure 

3) Allows for use on multiple machines such as rental use

FEATURE: 1 Accumulator That Does Not Need Re-gassing 


1) No need to keep a re-gas kit 

2) Easier servicing by removing the diaphragm as an assembly without releasing charge

FEATURE: Polyurethane Isolation Inside Case


1) Reduces vibration to host machine reducing wear 

2) Keeps the unit very quiet so that noise permits are not required

FEATURE: Standard Underwater Ready Kit


1) These units have better seals to keep water and dust out 

2) Allows customers to add compressed air for working under water


Part Numbers: 135005, 135009, 135016, 135021, 135030, 135040, 135053, 135095

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