Hyster Disc - Clutch 1.5mm Part #HY346796-PRO

Hyster Disc - Clutch 1.5mm Part #HY346796-PRO

Part Number: HY346796-PRO

Hyster Part #HY346796-PRO


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Product Description

Aftermarket Hyster Disc - Clutch 1.5mm, part HY346796-PRO.

The disc is also known as part numbers: DWHY346796, HY346796G, and HY346796.


Type: 2 Pass

Maximum Outer Diameter: 5.256" (134mm)

Inner Diameter: 3.654" (93mm)

Thickness of Lining: 0.081" (2mm)

Teeth: 43

Teeth Position: Interior

Composite Lining Material: Paper

Weight: 0.206 lbs

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