L2-G2 Aperture Grey Non-Marking Solid Telehandler Tire Only - 13.00x24-8.5

L2-G2 Aperture Grey Non-Marking Solid Telehandler Tire Only - 13.00x24-8.5

Part Number: L2/G2 Aperture 13 NM Tire

Tire Only | Exmile Construction - L2/G2 Aperture NM | 6K-9K Telehandler


Armadillo Tire, LLC McGregor, TX
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Product Description

Please see shipping policies for residential deliveries.

These grey, non-marking tires can be used indoors without marking-up the floors. Keep in mind when using a telehandler indoors that the flooring surface can support the weight of the telehandler and load without chipping or denting the floors. Please also note proper ventilation practices when operating indoors.

Never experience down-time again with these long lasting, flat-proof tires. This aperture solid tire has high sidewalls that resist punctures, chunking and chipping. Get the highest quality tires here and know that you are running on the most cost effective tires manufactured!

Please note when converting from air to solid, the wheel size changes. You must order this complete assembly to have the proper fit. These are also available in Black. To order just the tire see part number: 13002485V24EXMMTGSTS

About the TG-Airride Brand:

> Specially-designed tread pattern for telehandler and grader applications

> Excellent tread component formula provides the extraordinary chunking-and-cut resistance properties

> Unique two aperture sidewall design ensure best riding comfort

Description: This tire and wheel assembly comes ready to bolt-onto your Genie, JLG, or SkyJack 6,000 lbs - 9,000 lbs telehandler!

Other Tire Option to Consider: 13.00x24/8.5 Black Solid Tire


Color: Grey (non-marking)

Standard Rim: 8.50V-24

Section Width: 12.4"

Outer Diameter: 50.8"

Heel Type: Standard

These 13.00-24 Tires are a Replacement for Air or Foam-Filled Measurements: 370/75-28, 315/95-28, 330/85-28, 13.00-28

Load Capacity:

Telehandler / Grader (3.7mph): 16,865 lbs

Telehandler / Grader (6.2mph): 15,355 lbs

Telehandler / Grader (15.5mph): 20,426 lbs

Static: 13,316 lbs.

Price is per-tire & wheel assembly

Solid Tire and 24x8.5 Wheel Assembly pricing is based on a 10 hole bolt pattern with straight holes, small tapered holes, and large tapered bolt holes. Custom wheels available upon request (up-charge of $300).

Special Order Options (please message us the Gear Bot):

- White non-marking

- Anti-Static Compounds

- Premium Compounds

Please confirm the wheel assembly dimensions and bolt pattern will fit your unit before ordering.

These solid, non-marking tires fit the following models (Serial Number Dependent):

Genie Telehandler Models: GTH-636, GTH-844

Genie Part Manuals: 218231GT, 1286739GT, 1273408GT, 226648GT, 97486GT, 97499GT

Replacement for Genie part numbers: 229855GT, 229856GT, 1254576GT, 1254577GT, 162376GT, 162377GT, 1264884GT, 126885GT, 1265447GT, 1265448GT, 162374GT, 162375GT, 141822GT, 141823GT, 1254574GT, 1254575GT, 1264882GT, 1264883GT, 1265445GT, 1265446GT, 823124GT, 1264886GT, 1264887GT, 823121GT, 823122GT

JLG Telehandler Models: 534D-9, G6-42, G9-43, G6-42P

JLG Parts Manuals: 91344005, 31200727, 91404001

Replacement for JLG part numbers: 91475054, 91475055, 91535019, 91475093, 91125002, 91125003, 91405035, 91405036, 91535017, 91515056, 4520646, 4520647, 91405036, 91475031, 91475032, 4520300, 4520301, 4520566, 4520567, 4520302, 4520303, 4520568, 4520569, 1001094487, 1001094488, 1001094496, 1001094497, 71475055, 91475032, 1001157097, 1001151098, 91085040, 91405035.

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