Mini Hydraulic Backhoe Only, 48" Long, Mini Uni Mount (No Bucket)

Mini Hydraulic Backhoe Only, 48" Long, Mini Uni Mount (No Bucket)

Part Number: 130500, 130505, 130509, 130512, 130515

Mini Hydraulic Backhoe Only, 48" Long, Mini Uni Mount | Blue Diamond Attachments | Part #130500, 130505, 130509


Blue Diamond Attachments Knoxville, TN
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Product Description



This brutal little backhoe will take a serious beating! Designed for heavy use and engineered to outperform all backhoes in its class, this mini skid steer backhoe attachment won’t let you down.


• 42″ and 48″ lengths available

• 8″, 10″ and 12″ buckets available

• Pivot linkage increases bucket rotation and breakout force

Selling tips

The Blue Diamond Backhoe revolutionized the ridged mount backhoes when it was designed. This attachment has many cheap competitors so here is what to look for. Linkage between the cylinder and bucket (many connect their cylinder directly to the bucket and that dramatically reduces breakout force and rotation). The bucket on the Blue Diamond backhoe is 36” from teeth to pivot pin making it very comparable with the bucket on a good size rubber tired backhoe (most competitors use a very small bucket reducing productivity). We use 1.25” pivot pins throughout with grease fitting on each. This backhoe has so much force that just curling the bucket can drag a 10,000 lbs. machine across the ground. Productivity and durability are the 2 main points to push.

Backhoe FAQ’s 

Q. Why do you not make it pivot side to side?

A. we did at one time however they are difficult to control and require electrical. 

Q. How deep can you dig?

A. the backhoe fully extended is 8’ however digging a hole that deep would not be easy. 6’ is safe to state.

Part Numbers: 130500, 130505, 130509, 130512, 130515

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