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New 2020 Snorkel UL32DC Battery-Powered Mast Lift
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New 2020 Snorkel UL32DC Battery-Powered Mast Lift

The battery-powered Snorkel UL32DC push-around mast lift is compact and convenient for indoor applications.


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The Snorkel UL32 push-around mast lift is compact and convenient for indoor applications. A patented Girder Lock mast design provides superb stability in just minutes. This mast lift offers a portable alternative to scaffold towers that fits through doorways and has an integrated loading mechanism for transporting on a pick-up or commercial vehicle.

Gearflow offers both the UL32AC (plug-in powered) and UL32DC (battery-powered) models. The UL32AC is $287.00 less than the UL32DC.

Differences Between AC and DC Models:

> AC models need to remain plugged into an outlet during use

> DC models run off batteries that can be recharged every night, giving you greater mobility during the workday

> Both AC and DC models have the same dimensions and specifications, the difference lies in the power source

> AC models are less expensive than DC models

> UL32 AC models weigh 66 lbs less than DC models

> Generally speaking, if you are constantly at different job sites or areas without reliable sources of power, and you like working faster, the DC model is for you. If you are using the lift for facility maintenance and are always near reliable outlets to plug into, you could consider the savings of a AC model.

Common Applications:

Electrical - hang electrical wiring and run conduit pipe

Plumbing - install and repair plumbing lines in ceilings

Facility Maintenance - change light bulbs and perform needed repairs and inspections

Painting - easily move between rooms and finish your work faster


> Robust push-around mast lift

> Patented girder-lock system for safe, effective working up to 38' on the UL32 model

> Compact dimensions

> Passes through any standard doorway with ease

> Easy loader system for simple loading/unloading on a pickup truck


Max. working height: 37 ft 9 in

Max. platform height: 31 ft 9 in

Platform length: 22 in

Platform width: 26 in

Stabilizer footprint: 6 ft 10 in x 6 ft 6 in

Tilt-back length: 8 ft 8 in

Tilt-back height: 6 ft 5 in

Overall length: 4 ft 4 in

Overall width: 2 ft 5 in

Stowed height: 8 ft 3 in

Platform capacity (SWL): 300 lbs

Max. wind speed: 0 mph

Raise / lower time: 57 / 26 seconds

Wheels: 9 in x 2.5 in rear, 6 in casters in front

Controls: Push button

Wall access: 14 in

Power source (AC): 120/220V AC 50HZ

Power source (DC): 1 x 12V 105 Ah battery

Weight (AC): 959 lbs

Weight (DC): 1,025 lbs

Standard Features:

> Patented girder lock telescopic mast system

> Integrated tilt-back system

> Ground level entry

> EZ Loader system for transport

> Outrigger interlock indicators

> Integrated battery charger (DC only)

> Non-marking wheels & casters

> 2 year parts & labor, plus 5 year structural warranty


> Special paint colors

> Tool tray

> Laser locator

> Environmental hydraulic oil

More Images:

Green LED indicators illuminate when outriggers are correctly installed

In tilt-back position, all UL models pass easily through a standard doorway

The tilt-back cylinder stows against the mast when not deployed

With a heavy-duty telescopic mast, the UL32 provides a stable platform for working at height in all types of applications


Questions & How to Order:

If you are interested in learning more about Snorkel's push-around single man-lifts, please call Gearflow at 800-554-3802 or chat us in the Gear Bot! We are looking forward to learning about your business needs, and discussing what the right lift would be.

Alternatively, if you have decided that this new Snorkel Lift is the one for you, you are welcome to checkout as normal. In-stock orders are shipped within 24 hours via LTL freight to your destination.

Snorkel was founded by Art Moore in 1959. The Snorkel No. 1 allowed firefighters to shoot large amounts of water onto flames from as high as 85 ft. (25.9m). A true hero in more ways than one, our early articulating boom put out fires and set new industry standards in fire and rescue safety. 

Not only do our scissor and boom lifts raise fellow human beings high into the air, they must also safely bring them back down. And they need to do both safely and smoothly, again and again. So, our machines are engineered beyond the industry norm, to an uncommon level of safety and durability. But they’re also engineered to be simple — simple to operate and simple to maintain. Which is somewhat uncommon.

Our Mission: To achieve the height of excellence with world-class products, safety, service and value through unwavering effort, honesty and commitment.

Quality is our culture. It is built into everything we do. It is integral within our leadership, our processes, our products and our customer service. We build to the highest standard to deliver the highest quality. Anywhere around the world, Snorkel is there. Sold and serviced worldwide, our footprint includes five manufacturing plants and more than 200 distribution locations.  

Snorkel’s ethos is to ‘think global, act local.’ This means that we have a global manufacturing footprint to ensure we build our products as close to the market as possible. Snorkel operates six manufacturing facilities globally, a total of 953,715 sq. ft. (88,600sqm), with facilities in Henderson, Nevada, USA; St. Joseph, Missouri, USA; Washington, Tyne & Wear, UK; Levin, New Zealand; and Jintan, Jiangsu Province, China.

We also believe in being close to our customers, wherever they are. The Snorkel product line is sold and serviced in more than 50 countries worldwide through a network of more than 200 distribution branches. This includes over 100 directly owned distributorships in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, plus a global network of more than 100 independent distributor locations.

Free LTL freight shipping for all Snorkel Lifts! Please call or message us if you need expedited options or lift-gate upon delivery.

Snorkel is proud to offer a 2 year parts and labor, plus a 5 year structural warranty on all of its products.

You can now activate your Snorkel product warranty, submit a warranty claim or labor rate declaration online 24/7. Alternatively, download the PDF and submit to our warranty department for processing.

All sales final, no returns or exchanges.

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