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New 2020 Solo Gyps Drywall Handler
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New 2020 Solo Gyps Drywall Handler

Solo Gyps Drywall Handler eliminates manual drywall lifts and makes working with drywall safer, faster and more productive.


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With Solo Gyps Drywall Handler, manually installing drywall is eliminated. Installing drywall, ceiling, and acoustic tiles is made easier and safer. It helps the operator to hold and lift the panels effortlessly, allowing one man to lift panels without assistance. Thus, it greatly simplifies the positioning of panels, saving manpower.

The Solo Gyps Drywall Handler can be adjusted to three different height positions to clear even the tallest man.



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Efficiency and Versatility


eliminates manual drywall lifts


makes working with drywall safer, faster and more productive


a lightweight, motorized track and detachable adjustable frame helps the operator to hold and lift the panels effortlessly


allows one man to lift panels without assistance


total weight of only 99.2 lbs.


holds panels up to 12 ft long and 89 lbs. heavy


activated directly from the platform with a push of a button, the panel travels up the track into the overhead position, where it is positioned and held in place, leaving the operator free to screw or nail it to the joists/studs.


tool-free setup


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by: Balfour Beatty, Midland Metropolitan, Hospital Project


Leonardo HD & Solo-Gyps VS Traditional Scissor Lifts

Flynn Interiors Ltd is a specialist contractor currently installing plasterboard ceiling panels at the MMUH Project in Birmingham. 

The brief 

Seeking a solution which enables the faster installation of plasterboard ceiling panels, while complying with social distancing regulations on the jobsite.Site restrictions have meant that only one operator was allowed on one platform at anytime. 

The solution from Bravi Platforms

Working with hire company Nationwide Platforms, the Leonardo HD was introduced together with the Solo-Gyps drywall attachment. With zero turn,ultra-compact footprint and comfortable extendable dual decks, the Leona rdo HD boasts exceptional maneuverability within a congested building project.The addition of the Solo-Gy ps simplifies the positioning of plasterboard ceiling panels, saving manpower and effectively allowing one operator to lift panels without assistance. 

“Flynn Interiors have found the Leonardo HD to be extremely useful and time saving on site. It is easy to manoeuvre and has exceeded our expectations. We look forward to continuing to use this machine and seeing what else Nationwide has in store." Scott Holland - Project Manager of Flynn Interiors Ltd


  1. Find an alternative solution to save time and resources while installing plasterboard ceiling panels. 
  2. Complying with Health and Safety regulations, avoiding two operators working on the same lift at the same time. 
  3. Increase efficiency and productivity in very tight and congested working spaces.


  1. Reduce the installation time by 50% per panel and with one operator instead of two. (saving £150 per day in labour).
  2. Compliant with social distancing rules enforcing the concept of one operator per platform at anyone time. 
  3. Exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces, no manual handling, 0° turning radius.

FINDINGS on 7000 sqmt plasterboard ceiling panels installation

> TlMINGS (for installing 1 sheet of plasterboard)   

Leonardo HD & Solo-Gyps: 1min (+ 20 sec. for positioning the sheet on cradle)

Traditional Scissor Lifts: 3/4 min

> EFFICIENCY (for installing 1 sheet of plasterboard)

Leonardo HD & Solo-Gyps: 1 operator (+ 1 operator for 20 sec. while drilling to the ceiling)

Traditional Scissor Lifts: 2 operators

> QUANTITY (of installed plasterboard sheets per day per workstation)

Leonardo HD & Solo-Gyps: 50 sheets

Traditional Scissor Lifts: 25/30 sheets


> Low entry step: avoids fatigue and injuries by allowing operators to comfortably enter and exit the platform. 

> Increased maneuverability in tight spaces reducing the risk of damaging fixtures and fittings. 

Thanks to the inspiration and progress-oriented attitude of the owner and founder Pierino Bravi, Bravi Platforms is a globally recognized and respected aerial lifts manufacturer today, a pioneer of the creation of more efficient and safer methods to work at low heights.

A 40-year journey deeply rooted in the personal history of Pierino Bravi and his over twenty years of experience in the constructions sector. He started out as a Ceiling & Drywall Contractor, installing plaster board partitions and ceilings. By the mid 1980’s it was already one of the biggest Italian companies in this sector. As the installation company expanded, it was necessary to work as quickly and efficiently as possible, without increasing the workforce.

In 1995, Braviisol’s first manlift was designed and built to meet these working requirements, as suitable equipment was not readily available at that time. 

Through hard work, an unflappable optimism and a keen aptitude for innovation, by the 1990’s, Bravi was well established as a manufacturer of vertical lifts, as more and more companies realized these were tailor-made to their needs in the building industry, in the fact that we were first an end-user before we ever started manufacturing machines.

Since day one, 25 years ago Bravi has tenaciously championed the potential of the autonomy of the individual at work and continues to innovate the low-level aerial equipment sector by improving his initial concept and adding other models, following his first intuition “If you give workers the right tools and make them more productive, than everyone will have the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential.”

Shipping costs are included in the cost of the Leonardo HD


1 - year warranty on the batteries

3 - years warranty on all spare parts

1 - year warranty on labour

10 - years warranty on mast + cylinder + wear pads

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