Nissan Forklift Wheel Cylinder (Brake Fluid) Part #NI44100-22H00A

Nissan Forklift Wheel Cylinder (Brake Fluid) Part #NI44100-22H00A

Part Number: NI44100-22H00A

Nissan Forklift Part Number: NI44100-22H00A


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Product Description

Aftermarket Nissan Forklift wheel cylinder, part NI44100-22H00A.

The wheel cylinder is a commonly replaced component for Nissan forklifts.

This wheel cylinder is also known as part numbers: NI44100-22H00, NI44100-22H000, NI 44100-22H00, 4410022H00, and NI44100-22H00-A

Wheel Cylinder Measurements:

Inner piston diameter: 1 1/8" (29mm)

Mounting holes: 2

Housing length: 2.87" (73mm)

Neck diameter: 1.34" (34mm)

Type: Neutral

Weight: 1.702 lbs

Pin Measurements:

Length: 43mm

Neck diameter: 10mm

Space between blades: 7mm

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