Pallet Fork Assembly 48" Walk Through Style 4200 Lbs Capacity

Pallet Fork Assembly 48" Walk Through Style 4200 Lbs Capacity

Part Number: 314008

Pallet Fork Assembly 48" Walk Through Style 4200 Lbs Capacity | Blue Diamond Attachments | Part #314008


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The walk through pallet forks allow easy access to the cab of your machine. Step through the center of the frame on a safety tread plate with this high quality fork frame. The 4200 lb. lift capacity option lets you use this frame on the biggest skid steers and compact track loaders! The frame has a serial number plate that states the required lift capacity specifications for many jobsite requirements. Job safety is key and this very popular set of forks provides a much safer way to enter and exit your machine. This set of forks also offers a D-ring to tie your load to in the event of moving an unsteady load.

One key area to look at when comparing pallet forks in the rail that the forks hang on. Some companies use bent channel or fabricate the rail from 2 or 3 pieces of metal. Blue Diamond only uses a machined rail from one solid piece of bar stock for added safety and durability.

The center cutaway has also made this our most popular forks for compact wheel loaders as it clears the cylinder during tilt back.


Blue Diamond offers a large selection of pallet forks for various machines and applications. Pallet forks are one of the most used attachments next to a bucket and must be built well. Seeing your tines is an important consideration, and all Blue Diamond frames have excellent visibility. We offer pallet forks from 2000 lb. capacity to 6000 lb. capacity with a variety of tine lengths. Steps on the side of the frame are available on most models to allow a skid steer operator a safe place to step while entering or exiting the machine.

Light Duty Features include:

• Light weight

• 42” x 4” x 1-1/2”

• 2,000 lb. capacity

• Excellent visibility

Heavy Duty Features include:

• Reinforced brick guard

• Added plate in quick-attach

• 5,000 lb. capacity

• Side steps standard


Standard Duty Features include:

• Rail mount tines

• Easy to adjust

• 4,000 lb. capacity

• Non-floating tines

• 48” x 4” x 1-1/2” tines

Extra Large Heavy Duty Features include:

• Extra large frame

• 6,000 lb. capacity

• 48” x 4” x 1-3/4” tines

• Side steps standard

Part Numbers: 314008

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