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Pneumatic Electrode Tip Dresser Tool Aro 7165B
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Pneumatic Electrode Tip Dresser Tool Aro 7165B

Pneumatic Electrode Tip Dresser Tool | Part #: 7165B


Rebuilt Pneumatic Tip Dresser tool by ARO

Model: 7165B

RPM: 1500

Electrode Capacity: 5/16" D to 1 1/2" D

Weight: 3.5 lbs. 

Recommended Hose Size: 5/16"

Air Inlet Thread: 1/4" NPT

Lower speed models provide more dressing power at a slower material removal rate

Recommended for reconditioning worn electrode tips

The Economical Solution to Dressing Worn Electrode Tips.

Dressing Electrodes vs. New Tips

Worn electrode tips produce either poor welds or no welds at all, limiting both quality and productivity. Two possible solutions to worn tips are to (1) replace them with new, or (2) recondition existing tips on either a lathe, drill press, or with a portable ARO Electrode Dresser. Replacing tips is a costly and time consuming alternative. Reconditioning tips on standard machine shop equipment, although providing uniformly dressed electrodes, cuts valuable production time. Reconditioning worn tips with an ARO Electrode Dresser, however, is a convenient, economical solution that minimizes downtime.

Dressing Electrodes with ARO's Portable Electrode Dresser

Reconditioning with an ARO pneumatic Electrode Dresser is a quick, easy, and accurate method of dressing worn electrodes. Downtime is virtually eliminated because each electrode is automatically dressed in seconds with precision, without removing the tip from the machine. Once dressed, the electrode has a perfectly shaped tip for producing uniform, quality welds. Furthermore, a properly shaped electrode top reduces energy consumption during the welding process and greatly extends electrode life.

ARO Portable Electrode Dressers

To reduce production downtime, increase electrode tip life, reduce energy consumption, and maintain quality welds, recondition your worn electrode tips with an ARO Portable Electrode Dresser.

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Part #: 7165B

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