Power Rake, 96" Severe Duty With Replaceable Teeth (add $85 overlength charge)

Power Rake, 96" Severe Duty With Replaceable Teeth (add $85 overlength charge)

Power Rake, 96" Severe Duty With Replaceable Teeth (add $85 overlength charge) | Blue Diamond Attachments | Part #132012, 132010, 132017


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When productivity matters… look no further. Travel faster, cut deeper and get on to the next job!

With skid steer machine sizes increasing in the industry, there is a need for a more powerful and durable power rake / soil conditioner attachment. The Blue Diamond Power Rake is designed to power through jobs where others fail, and is set up for simple servicing. The massive 6000 series motor and optimal drum size produce maximum torque, and the motor is kept out of the way, maximizing usable width in tighter areas. Aggressive 2″ teeth are ideal for leaving a fresh seed bed with fewer passes. Our rental customers are finding this unit rents more often, is asked for by name and the customers love the increased productivity over all other brands!


• 6000 series motor weighs twice what competitive models do, and has around 40% more torque.

• 4” x 4″ square tube frame.

• 18 – 26 GPM hydraulic flow, max 4000 PSI

• Optional replaceable teeth versus fixed teeth that require welding to replace.

• 1.5” spindle on castors with spacers versus friction adjusters that work loose.

• Airless tires – no flats.

• 1” front wheel axles versus competitive ¾”.

• 1.5” motor shaft and high pressure seals.

• 5 position, 20 degree angle, manual or hydraulic.

• Optional bolt-on skid shoes add 30% load capacity over side plates alone.

• 6 3/4” drum diameter, 10 3/4” including teeth.

• Replaceable teeth hardness is HRC 50.

• Double struts on the castors.



FEATURE: 6000 Series Motor

REASON: 1) This motor is rated higher both in torque and pressure than the industry is using. Higher torque is required to achieve deeper penetration and higher production. Most if not all competitors use a 2000 series motor

FEATURE: Heavier Frame

REASON: 1) One of the driving factures to design this model was due to competitive units failing when used on large frame skid steers. We went to a 4” square tube versus the 3” x 4” and smaller we have been seeing

FEATURE: Replaceable Tooth Option

REASON: 1) Besides being a less expensive option, this hardened tooth is longer than most at 1.5” long. This gives a deeper penetration when needed

FEATURE: 6.75” Drum (10.75” with teeth)

REASON: 1) There has been a misleading claim that bigger drums are better. This is usually claimed by competitors using a direct drive motor which forces them to use a bigger drum. Reasons a bigger drum is actually hurts performance is due to the drag (friction) created by more surface area of the drum on the ground

FEATURE: Chain Drive versus Direct Drive


1) As noted above a direct drive will cause the drum to be bigger even if using a 2000 series motor (see point 1). To use a 6000 series motor like we do would require even a bigger drum if used in a direct drive application. By using a bigger motor, chain drive and a smaller drum, we have the best of all worlds. 

2) A direct drive puts the motor down in the dirt and protruding out the side potentially causing clearance issues

FEATURE: Airless Tires

REASON: 1) Reliability, nothing more frustrating than getting to a job and find a flat tire or getting a puncture mid-way through a job

FEATURE: 5 Position Manual Angle (hydraulic also available) 

REASON: 1) Some units have only 3 (right, straight and left)

FEATURE: No Oil Bath Chain

REASON: 1) No leak or mess when servicing; uses a dry roller chain

FEATURE: Height Adjustment on Castors (achieved with spacers and a click pin)

REASON: 1) More secure than the twist levers that can be bumped loose or wear out


Part Numbers: 132012, 132010, 132017, 132015, 132022, 132020

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