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Reconditioned 12 Ply Tires for JLG 400S & 460S Models
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Reconditioned 12 Ply Tires for JLG 400S & 460S Models

RECONDITIONED 12-16.5 OTR 532 12 PLY TIRE ONLY / 90% TREAD REMAINING / These tires are in excellent condition


RECONDITIONED 12-16.5 OTR 532 12 PLY TIRE ONLY / 90% TREAD REMAINING / These tires are in excellent condition.

May have minor nicks and scratches, but no major damage.

Fits: JLG 400S, 460S models

The Founders of Midwest Industrial Tire, Jeramy Sherwood and Nate Olson, saw an opportunity in providing high-quality refurbished tires and complete assemblies for construction equipment. Dealers charge top-dollar for OEM tires and assemblies, and aftermarket tires are confusing to find the correct fitment. So in 2019 Jeramy and Nate set out to deliver a vastly-improved tire and assembly purchasing experience. Giving customers access to the top refurbished heavy-duty tires in the industry (90%+ tread) for a fraction of the cost of OEM tires. Midwest Industrial Tire was born.

When you purchase a complete wheel assembly from Midwest Industrial Tire, they will take your old tire and wheel assembly from your machine. On every transaction, Midwest recycles used wheels through a processing plant in Pennsylvania. The old tires are stripped off and the foam filling is ground up and recycled into their TyrFil foam for new foam filled assemblies, and the wheels are cleaned and repainted for use on another wheel assembly. 

This recycle and reuse process is the most environmentally-friendly in the industry. Used tires are a drain on our environment through their fire-prone oily residue (causing deadly and non-extinguishable tire fires), incubators for mosquitoes when standing water accumulates in tires, and difficulty in adding them to landfills given the hollowed-out space and rubber’s inability to breakdown. 

Save money and the environment by purchasing your next set of wheels and tires! Midwest Industrial Tire provides both new and used tires, foam-filled, solid, and air assemblies at competitive prices. Actual photos are provided to our customers prior to shipment.  Complete assemblies are available for all makes and models including JLG, Genie, Lull, SkyJack, Skytrak, Cat, and many others.  We will also purchase your old wheels even if you don’t purchase one of ours.

Orders typically ship in 1-2 business days. Container shipments are also available. We offer multiple shipping options from multiple locations.

Wheel Exchange Required for Your Old Tire and Wheel Assemblies (which is how we recycle old tires and rims).

Please use the Gear Bot or call us to let us know your address so we can calculate total freight cost.

If you do not wish to exchange your wheel, please contact us for revised pricing.

We require that you please send us back the used wheel assemblies so we can recycle and reuse the wheels. We will arrange for aggressive shipping quotes from your location back to us in Morris, IL. If you would like to know that rate before your purchase, please call 800-554-3802 or message in the Gear Bot.

We DO NOT charge a restocking fee on ANY of our products. We also accept returns within 30 days as long as the product is received in its original condition, has not been mounted or put into service in any way. Our policy on returns is the buyer’s responsibility unless you received the wrong or defective product. We cannot refund your payment or ship you a replacement until we have received the original item. 

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