Refurbished Pneumatic Air Rivet Buster Riveting Hammer Jet B91 + 2 Bits

Refurbished Pneumatic Air Rivet Buster Riveting Hammer Jet B91 + 2 Bits

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Pneumatic Air Rivet Buster | Part #: B-91


Product Description

Completely Rebuilt Pneumatic Rivet Buster + 2 reconditioned bits

Model: Jet B91

BPM: 950

Length: 20 1/4"

Bore and Stroke: 1 1/16" X 9"

Air Consumption: 45 CFM

Air Inlet Diameter: 3/8" NPT

Chuck Size: 2000 Series Jumbo

This tool has been completely rebuilt by a professional air tool mechanic and comes with new upper and lower sleeves and bumper and 2 reconditioned bits! It comes with a 30 day warranty from the time you receive the tool. You can make this tool "Job Ready" by adding 35.00 to your order and it will come with a 10ft air hose 1/2" with swivel fitting and CP fitting already installed on the tool.

Please note: The bits shown in this picture are not the exact ones that will come with the tool. The two bits you get will depend on what is available at the time unless you purchase new ones separately. We carry many different styles and lengths in new condition.

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Part #: B-91

Company Overview

Pneumatic Air Tool Sales and Service of New and Rebuilt Airtools.

We serve the Construction, Aircraft, Automotive, Railroad, and Assembly Industries around the globe with air tools and pneumatic accessories.

We stock everything from Jack Hammers, Rock Drills, Tampers and Chipping Hammers to Impacts, Screwdrivers, Drills, Grinders & Riveting tools. We also sell accessories such as hose, fittings, air tool oil, in-line oilers and bits (chisels) 

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