SKS-Airide Premium Solid Skid Steer Tire 10-16.5

SKS-Airide Premium Solid Skid Steer Tire 10-16.5

Feels like you are floating on air tires with the durability of solids! Replaces 10-16.5 skid steer tires.


Armadillo Tire, LLC McGregor, TX
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Product Description

These solid tires are a universal fit for any skid steer tire sized 10-16.5. The SKS-Airide brand is manufactured with the highest quality standards of rubber compounds, thickness, and rider comfort.


Tire Size: 31x10-20 (replaces 10-16.5 tire)

Standard Rim: 7.50"-20"

Common 8-Hole, Lock Ring Wheel


Section Width: 9.3"

Outer Diameter (+/- 2%): 30.9"

Load Capacity (kg):

Forklift Load Wheel (25 km/hour): 4,030 kg

Forklift Steer Wheel (25 km/hour): 3,100 kg

Skid Steer/Loader at 6 km/hour: 4,030 kg

Skid Steer/Loader at 10 km/hour: 3,660 kg

Skid Steer/Loader at 25 km/hour: 3,100 kg

Static at 0 km/hour: 4,680 kg

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