Small INNOLIFT Open-Bottom Loader

Small INNOLIFT Open-Bottom Loader

Part Number: IS600.700

Lifts pallets, freight and itself into and out of delivery vehicles | Model #: IS600.700 | Rechargeable battery


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Small INNOLIFT Open-Bottom Loader

Designed For Skids Or Pallets Without Bottom Stringers

Innolift Adjustable Rear Plate (Standard) for SM, MED, LG, XL and XXL OBL

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Power: Rechargeable battery

Maximum Lifting Capacity: 1,325 lbs.

Lifting Height: 30 inches

Chassis Width: 30 inches

Maximum Palletized Freight Loading Height: 26 inches

Minimum Vehicle Door Height: 43.5 inches

Unit Width: 30 inches

Pallet Types: Open-Bottom

Non-Palletized Loading Height: 27.5 inches

Own Weight: 385 lbs

Overall Lowered Height: 43.5 inches

Overall Extended Height: 67 inches

Total Length with Forks: 60 inches

Fork Length: 46.75 inches

Overall Fork Width: 21.25 inches

Fork Dimensions: 6.5w x 2.375h

Distance Between Forks: 8.25 inches

Wheel Base: 38.5 inches

Wheel Material: Polyurethane

Ground Clearance: 0 - 1.2 inches

Working Aisle: 70.5 inches

Turning Radius: 43 inches

Parking Brake: Mechanical

Lifting Motor: 0.8 kW

Battery Capacity: 12 V / 44 amp

Load Center: 23.5 inches

Chassis Length Without Forks: 13.75 inches

Innolift Model #: IS600.700

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Small OBL

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