Stump Grinder 24" Wheel  20-24.5 Gpm 75cc Case Drain Required

Stump Grinder 24" Wheel 20-24.5 Gpm 75cc Case Drain Required

Stump Grinder 24" Wheel 20-24.5 Gpm 75cc Case Drain Required | Blue Diamond Attachments | Part #104110, 104120, 104130


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This tough grinder has it all: the highest torque in its class, compact size, it cuts in forward and reverse and provides great visibility! Using a extremely durable piston motor and Greenteeth® set up, the Blue Diamond Stump Grinder will eat through the most demanding jobs. A skid steer is limited in its ability to produce hydraulic HP, so this grinder is engineered to turn every bit of power available into performance. Cut while moving in forward or reverse and keep RPM’s down in some applications, saving time and fuel. Spend less time on each stump and increase your profitability!

• High torque (97% efficient) radial piston motor

• 3 low flow and 3 high flow models

• No electrical needed

• Cuts while moving in forward and reverse

• Cuts 12″ below ground level (and beyond in larger holes)

• Excellent visibility

• Compact

• Requires case drain line

Stump Removal Case Study, Athens, TN



FEATURE: Piston Motor


1) The piston motor is a much more efficient (97% versus 70%) and a much stronger motor (torque remains consistent through RPM range) than the gerolar types used by competitors brands. It does require a case drain line 

2) A piston motor runs much cooler than other motor types, which is important on attachments that run for long periods of time

FEATURE: Perpendicular Position of the Cutting Wheel


1) Eliminates the need for a swing function, which robs critical flow from the wheel and also requires electrical 

2) Can be moved from one machine to another very easily due to the fact it does not require electricity

FEATURE: Bi-directional Cutting

REASON: 1) Increase production by cutting in both directions. At the time of this publication, no other stump grinder had the ability to cut in both directions with this particular style grinder

FEATURE: 4 Point Pivot Linkage

REASON: 1) This linkage allows the stump grinder to move back and forth independent of the mounting when pushed beyond what it can keep up with. Although some others can swing in one direction, none of them remain perpendicular to the cut like ours does

FEATURE: Green Teeth

REASON: 1) This well-known tooth design has a huge following in the industry, and have been requested for years. It is a very aggressive tooth that increases production 


Q: How fast can I grind a stump? 

A: This is almost an impossible question to answer due to flow ranges and wood differences. However we feel we can confidently say that when it comes to skid steer stump grinding… you will not find one that will out perform this one (unless it has its own power source independent of the host machine).

Q: What flow do I need? 

A: We have models for machines from 16 GPM up, but in the lower GPM range expectations need to be realistic. We have tested this one to 13 GPM with good results.

Part Numbers: 104110, 104120, 104130, 104210, 104220, 104230

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