Tamco Tools RB-133 Rivet Buster

Tamco Tools RB-133 Rivet Buster

Part Number: TAMCORB-133

(“D” Handle) 1-1/8” Shank (Jumbo 8” Stroke) | 30 Lbs. | 960 BPM | American Made Air Tool | Demolition Tool | Hand-Held Concrete Breaker


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This is a genuine RB-133 Rivet Buster (D-Handle), a American Made Air Tool with a part number TAMCORB-133 from Tamco Tools. Tamco Tools manufactures high-quality U.S. made air tool equipment and component including this American Made Air Tool RB-133 Rivet Buster (D-Handle).

This RB-133 Rivet Buster (D-Handle) is your tool and best solution for road constructions, building foundation work sites, breaking high-strength concretes and other rivet buster (d-handle) needs - without overspending!

Tamco is a well-known manufacturer and distributor of construction and demolition tools. It has a complete line of hand, pneumatic & paving breaker steel. Tamco is renowned for manufacturing and distributing high-quality equipment such as stone tools, drill steel, maintenance bars, railroad track tools, and carbide-tipped drills with a mission of providing services and participating in creating an environment in a vastly growing world of construction industry.


Brand: Tamco

Model: RB-133

Part Number: TAMCORB-133

Type: Rivet Buster

Description: Rivet Buster American Made Air Tool

Shank Size: 1-1/8" Shank (Jumbo Buster Steel) D-Handle

Stroke Length: 8"

Piston Diameter/Bore: 1-3/16"

Impact Rate: 960 BPM

Weight: 30 lbs.

Overall Length: 22"

Air Inlet Thread: 3/8" NPT

Hose Size: 1/2"

Air Consumption: 44 CFM

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

From Tamco Tool's Product Catalog:

If an American made air tool is required for your job, this is your tool. Tamco rivet busters are manufactured domestically and are a great addition to your tool needs. These tools are manufactured by American craftsmen and manufactured using high quality U.S. made components.

The Tamco brand of rivet buster will perform tasks such as bridge-deck repair, vertical and / or horizontal concrete demolition, busting rivets and bolts, and for use on underground tanks.

Try the RB-4181 model for the really tough job.

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