Tomahawk TSCAR6TCC 8" Concrete Scarifier Drum Cage Blades

Tomahawk TSCAR6TCC 8" Concrete Scarifier Drum Cage Blades

Part Number: TSCAR6TCC

8" Working Width | 6 Tip Tungsten Carbide Tips | 64 Carbide Cutters | 1/8" Depth Per Pass | 6,000 - 10,000 ft² Blade/Drum Lifetime | SKU: TSCAR6TCC


Tomahawk Power San Diego, CA
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Product Description

Tomahawk TSCAR6TCC Concrete Scarifier Drum Cage Blades

*Only compatible with TSCAR8H models Scarifiers

Tomahawk Power's cages and cutters are great for tasks like milling of misaligned sidewalk for trip hazard repair, floor cleaning and preparation, concrete, coating, traffic line, marking removal, and general surface preparation. Easy to install with the Tomahawk TSCAR-8H Concrete Scarifier. Additionally, these drums are perfect for light to medium milling of concrete, thick non-skid removal from steel, removing coal tar epoxy, marine non-skid, asphalt, and thick urethane rubber.


6 Tip Tungsten Carbide Tips

6,000 - 10,000 ft² Blade / Drum Lifetime

Scarifies 350 - 500 ft²/hour at 1/8" Depth Per Pass

Remove traffic lines at 800 - 1,000 linear feet per hour

Working Width: 8" (350 - 500 sq. ft. per hour)

Depth: 1/8" per pass

128 hardened washers

64 carbide cutters

Rough surface texture 7-3/4" path

TCT cutter inside diameter 1.572"

TCT cutter inside diameter 0.646"

Estimated life of 8,000 sq. ft.

Longer life than steel tooth cutters

Engine Sold Separately


Each drum cage is assembled with 128 hardened washers and 64 carbide cutters


Surface and Marking Removal

Surface Leveling

Sidewalk and Trip Hazard Repair

Floor Grinding

Concrete Grinding

Traffic Line Removal

Asphalt and Concrete Line Removal

Concrete Edging

Surface Texturing and Grooving

Cleaning and texturing concrete and asphalt

Concrete reduction and scabbing

Removal of roof chippings

Grooving applications

Cleaning concrete form-work and shuttering

Non-slip finishes

Removal of coatings and plaster

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