Toyota Forklift Air Filter Part #TY17741-U3330-71

Toyota Forklift Air Filter Part #TY17741-U3330-71

Part Number: TY17741-U3330-71

Toyota Forklift Part #TY17741-U3330-71


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Aftermarket Toyota Forklift air filter, part TY17741-U3330-71.

The air filter is also known as part numbers: TY17741-U3330-71- BALD, TY17741-U3330, TY17741-U3330-71OR, and TY17741-U3330-71-PRO.


Height: 13.75" (347mm)

Inner Diameter: 3.58" (91mm)

Outer Diameter: 6.47" (164mm)

Weight: 2.64 lbs

You should replace your air filter every 500 hours to keep your forklift running smoothly.

Don't overspend on the OEM filter when this Baldwin one has the same Measurements and filtration elements!

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