Toyota Forklift Air Filter Part #TY17743-U1100-71

Toyota Forklift Air Filter Part #TY17743-U1100-71

Part Number: TY17743-U1100-71

Toyota Forklift Air Filter


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Aftermarket Toyota Forklift air filter, part TY17743-U1100-71. Other part numbers associated with this air filter are: DWTY17743-U1100-71, DWTY17743-U1100-71-BSL, TY17743-U1100-71, TY17743-U1100-71-BSL, and TY17743-U1100-71-PRO.


Height: 10.43" (265mm)

Inner Diameter: 2.52" (64mm)

Outer Diameter: 3.35" (85mm)

Weight: 1.5 lbs

Air filters should be changed every 500 hours on a forklift along with antifreeze and spark plugs, or a minimum of once per year if 500 hours is not reached. Over time, failing to perform the 500 hour maintenance checks can cause your forklift to build up larger repairs such as an engine replacement. However, properly-maintained forklifts should last for decades. Your highest ROI is keeping a routine of constant service:
- Check that inlet hoods are clear of any obstacles and are all securely in place. Any damaged hoods should be immediatley replaced.
- Check for any leaks. In particular, leaks that lead to the engine. Hydraulic leaks are a top reason for forklift engine failures. Seal the leak immedialey and replace the part.
- Just like our home furnace and car, air filters are critical to keep them running smoothly. Give your forklift the same love and respect! A good way to track when filters are replaced is in your internal maintenance records, and also write the date and hour meter with white Sharpie on the filter itself.

Aftermarket Toyota Forklift part TY17743-U1100-71 meets all the same particulate absorbing standards as the OEM part:
- Interception
- Impaction
- Diffusion

If you are looking for a filter for your Toyota forklift, this one does the job. Don't overspend on the OEM brand!

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