Toyota Forklift King Pin 7FDU35-50 Part #TY43232-30511-71

Toyota Forklift King Pin 7FDU35-50 Part #TY43232-30511-71

Part Number: TY43232-30511-71

Toyota Forklift Part #TY43232-30511-71


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Product Description

Aftermarket Toyota Forklift King Pin 7FDU35-50, part number TY43232-30511-71, is one of the best selling Toyota Forklift parts in stock!

The king pin has the same measurements as the OEM brand part, and sells for a fraction of the cost. Delivering you the best value on the market.


Width: 8.46" (215mm)

Diameter: 1.30" (33mm)

Weight: 3.67 lbs

This king pin is a key component of the Toyota Forklift's steering system.

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