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Wire Set for 4Y Toyota Forklift Engine, Part #TY80919-76106-71
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Wire Set for 4Y Toyota Forklift Engine, Part #TY80919-76106-71

Toyota Forklift Part #TY80919-76106-71


Aftermarket Toyota Forklift ignition wire kit is for a Toyota 4Y engine, part TY80919-76106-71.

This wire set 4Y is also known as part number 80919-76106-71 and TY80919-76106-71-PRO.

If your Toyota forklift cannot start, replacing the wire set is one of the main fixes. This is the replacement part for Toyota part 90919-22286. It meets all the same electrical standards as the OEM part.


Lead 1: 10.63" (270mm)

Lead 2: 12.20" (310mm)

Lead 3: 12.99" (330mm)

Lead 4: 15.75" (400mm)

Weight: 0.48 lbs

This wire set works in the legendary Toyota 4Y engine. The efficient, 2.4 liter engine has 4 inline cylinders and has powered many compressors, gas-heat pumps, light trucks, forklifts, and more since its introduction in 1986. The engine got its start by powering trucks such as the 4Runner, then made it way into many other product lines.

If you are trying to determine if your forklift or other machine has a Toyota 4Y engine, here are some useful tips on engine codes from looking at the engine's serial plate:

- If the first two numbers are "42" that indicates it is a Toyota 4Y engine

- If the first two numbers are "02" that indicates it is a Toyota 1DZ diesel engine

- If the first two numbers are "52" that indicates it is a GM 6 cylinder 4.3 engine

This wire set is a commonly replaced part on the 4Y engine.

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