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    What Components Make up an Air Compressor Valve?

    Various types of check valves have different components to enable them to fulfill their specified tasks.

    In the case of plate valves, they consist of a valve disc and dampening disc. Radiused disc valves are made from high-grade thermoplastics and are made up of a series of concentric rings.

    In high-flow valves, the components are a series of rings, springs, and buttons that allow the system to regulate the gas optimally. The various mechanisms are perfectly synced to work together at ideal times.

    What Does an Air Compressor Valve Do?

    Air compressor valves regulate the gas pressure so a machine can operate efficiently. Check systems also prevent the gas from flowing too slowly for the system to work effectively.

    In the case of mechanisms like radiused discs and high-flow valves, the device may also allow the escape of liquids and debris via an outlet valve.

    How Does an Air Compressor Valve Work?

    An air compressor valve transports gas through a series of components that adjust the pressure. Gas is usually battled under tremendously high pressures, and it's necessary to regulate it using a check valve to make it usable for the equipment.

    Some valves also have a specified shape to enable debris and liquids to escape from the system.

    What Happens If You Have a Faulty Air Compressor Valve?

    Faulty air compressor valves can lead to major problems. On the lower end, a defective check valve may prevent the machine from operating effectively.

    However, a faulty check mechanism may also lead to a buildup of gas, other components' failure, and even explosions.

    A faulty device will always be destructive for your system as a whole and place unnecessary strain on other components.

    How Do I Know If I Need to Replace an Air Compressor Valve?

    Whenever you're faced with a faulty valve, you should replace it. In odd cases, you may be able to replace a specific seal or component. However, overall, it's usually safer to replace a valve that isn't working correctly.

    You may notice that your machine isn't functioning adequately or that too much pressure is making its way through the system. When that happens, replace the check valves immediately.

    How Do I Choose an Air Compressor Valve?

    Only ever use the type of valve that's recommended for your machine. Failure to do so can have disastrous consequences for the machine operators. When in doubt, contact a professional.

    What Are the Main Types of Air Compressor Valves?

    There are three main types of air compressor valves, also commonly referred to as air check valves. Each of them serves a different purpose and is ideal for a specific environment.

    Plate valves are for dealing with high-pressure applications and dirty gas situations.

    Radiused disc valves work well when you're dealing with sour gas. They're also excellent for high-pressure and temperature environments.

    High-flow valves deal with situations where there may be liquids and debris intermingled with the gas.