Air Compressor Unloader Valve

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This type of valve is an essential, albeit small, part of many systems. Without it, many equipment loops won't be usable.

The Function of an Air Compressor Unloader Valve

Unloader valves serve the single, vital purpose of clearing the pipe of pressure when the compressor shuts down. At the same time, however, the valve prevents the pressure from escaping from the tank.

The Workings of Air Compressor Unloader Valves

Every type of air compressor has a cutoff switch. Once you switch off the machine, the cutoff switch activates and initiates the unloader when the pressure reaches levels.

Compressors typically have a very low intake of power. When the air gets trapped over the cylinder piston, excess load is usually sufficient to stop the compressor from operating. When the pipe's pressure activates the cutoff switch, it sends a message to the unloader valve to open and release the pressure.

By doing so, the unloader opens the way for the machine to start appropriately the next time it's switched on.

Potential Problems with an Air Compressor Unloader Valve

Two main problems typically arise where these mechanisms are concerned. The first problem that pops up regularly is that the valve no longer releases pressure as it should.

The second is a similar but opposite problem. Sometimes an air compressor unloader valve will constantly get stuck on open and release pressure even when it shouldn't.

Should either of these eventualities occur, you could face an entire host of problems. Firstly, if the valve no longer releases pressure from the pipe when the compressor shuts down, the electric motor won't start adequately.

Electric motors in this type of system shouldn't have to combat pressure, which is why the unloader valve is so essential.

Another problem that you could face if the apparatus no longer closes is that the compressor might not build up efficient pressure. When the valve constantly releases pressure from the system, it places extra strain on the system to create the amount of pressure needed.

Identifying a Problematic Air Compressor Unloader Valve

How does one establish whether the air compressor unloader valve in one's system is faulty? One of the main giveaways is often a high-pitched squeaking noise coming from the device.

When the air begins to escape through the valve rather than being released as it should, it often whistles through the hole.

Other signs include inadequate or excessive pressure or a struggling electric motor. You should always be in tune with your machinery to know if it no longer acts as it normally would.

Finding the Right Air Compressor Unloader Valve For Your System

Fortunately, finding the appropriate units for your machine should be a walk in the park. This type of apparatus is relatively universal. Your main concern should be finding a device with the same inlet and outlet connections as the machine you're using.