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Blue Diamond Attachments

Bucket, Mini Backhoe, 10"

Part Number: 10

  • Bucket, Mini Backhoe, 10" | Blue Diamond Attachments | Part #130500, 130505, 130509
  • $342.45
  • Blue Diamond Attachments

    Bucket, Mini Backhoe, 8"

    Part Number: 8

  • Bucket, Mini Backhoe, 8" | Blue Diamond Attachments | Part #130500, 130505, 130509
  • $305.97
  • Blue Diamond Attachments

    Bucket, Mini Backhoe, 12"

    Part Number: 12

  • Bucket, Mini Backhoe, 12" | Blue Diamond Attachments | Part #130500, 130505, 130509
  • $395.13
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    Are There Interchangeable Attachments for Backhoe Buckets?

    The backhoe is an extremely versatile piece of equipment. It has various interchangeable attachments that can be swapped out to alter its function. However, the specific machines' weight and size capacity may limit your options as to the components it can use. 

    The owner's manual should always be consulted to ensure that the equipment's specifications can handle the accessory. The most popular available attachments are:

    • Hammers
    • Buckets with thumbs
    • Couplers
    • Rippers
    • Compactors
    • Street sweepers or brooms
    • Augers
    • Snow pushers and snowplows

    Excavator Vs. Backhoe: What's the Difference?

    Excavators are digging equipment with a cab capable of 360-degree rotation and are mainly used for excavation work. It has a hydraulic arm typically fitted with a bucket component, although other attachments are also available. These machines are generally tracked equipment, although wheeled ones are available.

    Backhoes are tractor cabs fixed with a hydraulic arm at the back and a loader component in the front. Both of these are interchangeable with a variety of attachments. This equipment is typically wheeled machines used to achieve the following:

    • to move loads and materials
    • to accomplish smaller digging projects

    In essence, most industries can benefit from using this machinery as they're far more adaptable than excavators.

    The Difference Between a Backhoe and a Loader?

    Loaders only have the loading-bucket component on the front. Backhoes have an additional hydraulic arm and bucket for digging purposes at the back.

    Can Backhoes Be Used to Dig Into Frozen Ground?

    Digging in frozen ground is possible and can be done with ease. However, you'd need special attachments developed especially for this purpose. These components include:

    • Hydraulic hammers
    • Frost buckets
    • Static rippers
    • Rotary cutters

    Is There More Than One Type of Backhoe Available?

    Two main types of backhoes are available:

    • Sideshift 
    • Center mount 

    When it comes to operational weight and digging depth, the two variants' performance is roughly the same. One considerable difference is in their stability and maneuverability.

    Sideshift Vs. Center Mount Backhoes: What's the Difference?

    The center mount variety is typically used when workspace restrictions aren't an issue. This type features a hydraulic arm attached to the center of the equipment's rear frame and gullwing (swing-down) stabilizers. These legs are crucial to providing stability on sites with an inclined terrain and when it's necessary to move heavy materials such as boulders.

    Sideshift machines feature the backhoe attached to a carrier fitted with stabilizers and frame rails. These enable the operator to move the hydraulic arm both horizontally and vertically. This equipment is designed for working in space-restricted areas such as corridors, alleyways, and other confined spaces. 

    It also allows the operator to inch up on buildings and other structures to work without damaging nearby objects or property. Sideshift machines' primary benefits include:

    • Maneuverability
    • Precision digging
    • Minimal repositioning
    • Boom storage
    • Tuck-in position