Construction Accessories

100 Eight-Year Annual Inspection Tags w/ Custom Hole Puncher
  • Etiflex
  • Multi-year Annual Inspection Tags w/ Custom Hole Puncher
  • $468.00
  • Orange Flagging Tape - 12 Pack
  • No Waste Tape
  • No Waste Tape is easy to use but features patented melt lines to stop unwanted unraveling in its tracks.
  • $36.00
  • Caution Tape
  • No Waste Tape
  • Heavy Duty 4 mil Texas Grade Caution Tape, with No Waste Tape melt lines to prevent unwanted unraveling.
  • $15.00
  • Pneumatic Whip Hose 6' Length 1/2" Hose with Swivel & CP Fitting L-3
  • E Air Tool 1
  • Pneumatic Whip Hose with Swivel & CP Fitting | Part #: L-3-WHIP
  • $58.99
  • Simonds 8" Three Square Bastard Cut File - American Pattern, Part 73518000
  • Simonds Saw
  • 8 inches Three Square Hand File | Bastard Cut | American Pattern | Simonds Saw | Part #: 73518000
  • $7.05
  • REFILL: 100 Six-Year Periodic Inspection Tags
  • Etiflex
  • The tag excels in outdoor, harsh and hazardous environments where a long term durable tag is necessary.
  • $318.00
  • REFILL: 100 Eight-Year Annual Inspection Tags
  • Etiflex
  • The tag excels in outdoor, harsh and hazardous environments where a long term durable tag is necessary.
  • $318.00
  • 100 Six-Year Periodic Inspection Tags with Custom Hole Puncher
  • Etiflex
  • Multi-Year Periodic Inspection Tags with Custom Hole Puncher
  • $468.00
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    On their own, construction vehicles are fantastic. When joined with construction accessories, ordinary machines enter a new level of efficiency. Combined with the correct attachments, skid steers and small excavators become versatile devices.

    Let’s take a closer look at some popular accessories and how they work.

    Skid Steer to Excavator Universal Adaptor

    When you need to use an accessory for a skid steer on an excavator, or vice versa, this adaptor can come to your rescue. It adapts the fittings for the attachment to fit on the machine that you’re currently using. As a result, you can use most excavator attachments on your skid steer.

    When misused, this type of accessory can take an awful lot of strain, making it necessary to replace it. Since these accessories function as a single unit, you won’t be able to repair only a part of it.

    Skid Steer/Excavator Auger

    The advent of these handy accessories has made it possible to drill holes and shafts without buying a freestanding auger. They function using a long arm, hydraulic system, and the auger itself.

    The hydraulic setup allows the driver to angle the auger as necessary before using the joystick to drill the required shafts. Whether it’s snow, rock, soil, or ice, you can make an impact with this attachment.

    As you might imagine, a fair bit of pressure is applied to the auger as it drills, so you may need to replace parts of this accessory regularly.

    When purchasing an auger accessory, ensure that you buy the auger size you require since there are multiple sizes. As is always the case with hydraulic accessories, be careful to buy the correct hydraulic attachment for your system.

    Rotary Brush Cutters

    This hardy add-on to your skid steer or excavator allows you to clear overgrown areas to prepare for your next project. Whether you need to cut down brush or saplings, you can do it quickly with this device.

    Most models come with a safety chain so you can limit your clearing to a certain height. If you want the tool to create mulch while you’re clearing the terrain, you can purchase mulching teeth.

    Mulching teeth break down the brush into small, mulch-like consistencies. Without them, the cutter will produce large chunks.

    You’ll need to regularly replace the mulching teeth on these attachments since they take a lot of abuse. The same is true for the rotary blades themselves as they do up a lot of damage while cutting down the brush.

    Hydraulic Pallet Forks

    If you’re working in warehouse or storeroom environments, then a pallet fork may be what you need. Even though they carry heavy loads regularly, they don’t usually take much damage.

    You’ll only rarely need to replace a part of this attachment since they’re hardy. This type of accessory only has one real purpose, lifting and moving pallets full of materials. You can find these devices for either excavators or skid steers and can use an adaptor plate to use one attachment on both machines.