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    Motor graders form an essential part of many construction teams. They’re used to maintain dirt and gravel roads, flatten, and grade different services.

    Considering all the wear that these machines get exposed to, one would expect that they’d need part replacements regularly. However, motor graders are resilient vehicles and only rarely need to be repaired or replaced.

    Logically, some parts take more abuse than others and need more regular maintenance and repairs. Let’s take a closer look at some of these parts.

    The Blade

    Also known as the moldboard, the blade is one of the most affected machine parts. The moldboard is a large curved metal sheet with a sharpened lower edge.

    As the grader drives over the piece of terrain, the sharp edge of the blade removes any substrate above the desired height. Since this one part is responsible for most of the hard work, it also takes a lot of abuse.

    The blade can easily get worn down; when it does, it puts a lot more strain on the motor and other machine parts. Fortunately, it’s rarely necessary to replace the entire moldboard, as one can replace the sharpened edge, or have a new one fitted on top of the old one.

    Moldboard Brackets

    As we work backwards from the blade, the brackets also take quite the beating. Since the shocks and pressure from the moldboard are transferred back into the holders, they share nearly all the wear.

    When your brackets are no longer functioning well, and you need to replace them, ensure that you buy the right size for your machine and moldboard.

    The Circle

    Another part that takes a significant amount of strain every time the machine grades is the circle. The circle is a vital part of the grader’s arm and allows the moldboard to turn to the needed angle and location.

    Since, mainly, the force behind the blade gets transferred to the circle, and often at an odd angle, it takes a fair bit of wear.

    The chances are that an incredibly rough terrain might wear down the teeth with time. Especially so when you spend a lot of time grading at odd angles.

    The circle is one of the most frequently replaced grader parts. Whenever you inspect your grader, you should check that all the circle’s teeth are intact and not worn down.

    When to Replace Motor Grader Parts

    For many of these parts, you’ll be able to do repairs rather than buying new ones. Where the circle, or the brackets, are concerned, you’ll probably have to replace the part entirely. If you do need to change something out, remember to check the size and type carefully.

    When you’re not sure which size part your grader requires, get in touch with a professional. Inserting the wrong tool into your machine can be just as harmful as using a damaged part. Also, remember that any inefficient part puts extra strain on your device.