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    Intensive outdoor industries, like mining, rely heavily on the services of off road trucks and vehicles. The advent of this type of machinery has positively impacted companies' ability to move large amounts of material.

    Commonly Replaced Off Road Truck Parts

    Since off road trucks take quite a lot of strain during their daily activities, you'd expect them to break down regularly. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

    Off road trucks get built to last, but occasionally some parts require replacement or repair. Let's take a closer look at some of these parts and what they do.


    Probably one of the parts of an off road truck that gets replaced most regularly, the tires take a large amount of strain during every trip. Not only do they carry the weight of your vehicle, but they also come into contact with sharp objects at high speeds.

    Something to bear in mind when you're trying to choose tires is that various treads work well on different surfaces. Buy the type that best suits your job site, whether that be mud tires, snow tires, or all-terrain types. It may be worth considering to buy several sets if you change locations regularly.


    The wheels also take a fair bit of knocking about since the tires' pressure gets transferred inwards. There are many types to choose from, with different alloys serving various purposes.

    Be sure to choose an alloy and design that will give you the best for your site. Lighter alloys allow for higher speeds but can take less damage. Heavier alloys can't go as fast but can take a lot more abuse.

    Suspension and Lifts

    Shock kits help absorb a lot of the force and pressure from rocky terrain, preserving your undercarriage.

    There are many different varieties of shock absorber on the market. aIt would be best if you looked for the type that's best able to absorb the amount of pressure to which you'll be subjecting it. When in doubt, buy a more robust absorber that can take more abuse than a weaker one that may break quickly.

    For job sites where you're facing a lot of small flying debris at low levels, you might consider a lift kit. Lift kits help raise your vehicle above the reach of jagged edges and shallow water. They can be especially useful when you're working on floodplains or other similar areas.

    Replacement Vs. Repair

    Primarily, you'll have to replace most of the parts mentioned here when they break. It may be possible to replace a part of a lift kit rather than the entire set in some cases.

    It may also be possible to patch tires rather than replace them. Nevertheless, in heavy-duty situations, it's often more prudent to change the entire item. Since most of the parts we've mentioned are relatively inexpensive, it isn't a great hardship.

    When in doubt, always consult a professional before you purchase.