Throttle Bodies

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Part Number: 8N9889A

  • FD/NH Control Plate

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    Part Number: 1660773M2

  • Throttle Control Spring

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    Part Number: 156581

  • 60" Control Cable

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    Part Number: 198462

  • Brake Stop Control Cable

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    Crown Forklift Valve Assembly LPG Nikki Part #CR380030-214

    Part Number: CR380030-214

  • Valve Assembly LPG Nikki
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    Part Number: C5NN9740A

  • Fd/Nh Control Rod

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    Part Number: 130861

  • Throttle Control Stop Cable

  • $9.94
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    The throttle body in most heavy equipment engines sits between the air filter and the intake manifold and controls the air flow into an engine's combustion chamber. The throttle body consists of a valve that opens and closes when the accelerator pedal is pushed down or released. The more air into the engine's combustion chamber, the higher the power output. Throttle bodies also consist of sensors that measure the amount of fuel added to the incoming air in order to maintain the right fuel to air ratio and properly ignite the engine. These sensors are typically the first part to fail in an engine's throttle body which can be the cause of a decrease in engine performance and acceleration power. Grime build up inside the throttle body housing can cause a decrease in performance as well if it restricts air flow. It is important to keep your throttle body well maintained to avoid dips in engine performance.