Engine Camshafts

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Part Number: 8973861890

  • 0.02 Lbs. | METAL: CM/SHF | Camshaft Bearing | Camshafts & Component | Engine Camshaft | Genuine Link-Belt Excavators Parts
  • $19.22
  • AGMEC Inc.

    Part Number: 6675645

  • Genuine Bobcat OEM Part | Fits to Bobcat Mini Excavator Equipment with a Kubota Diesel Engine
  • $750.40
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    Camshafts are driven by the crankshaft and used in diesel combustion engines to open and close the inlet and exhaust valves of the engine at precisely the right time and frequency. Damage to a camshaft can cause significant internal damage to the engine by contacting the piston crowns so be sure that your camshaft position sensors are working properly.