Ignition Coils

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Genie 32076 Ignition Coil

Part Number: 32076, 32076GT

  • Original Genie OEM Part | Fits to Genie Aerial Lift Equipment Engine
  • $159.79
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    An ignition coil, or spark coil, takes the low battery voltage in the ignition system and increases it to create the voltage needed for the electric spark in the spark plugs to combust the fuel. It's equally important to check for a faulty ignition coil as it is to check for a faulty spark plug. If your equipment is struggling to start in cold weather or if your engine stalls or backfires, you could have an ignition coil failure. A failing ignition coil means that less electricity is making it from your battery to your spark plugs. Often times the equipment will compensate for this by using more fuel. Ignition coils should last a long time. However, especially in older vehicles, ignition coils are more prone to damage due to heat and moisture. Leaking fluids in your engine could short your ignition coil out so it is important to keep your equipment leak free before replacing the ignition coil.