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    What Is an Excavator Shear?

    A shear is a specialized piece of equipment designed as an attachment for excavators. Its hydraulic cylinders enable it to open and close in a similar way that a pair of scissors would, allowing it to cut through concrete and various types of metals. It's also capable of 360-degree rotation, allowing you to make angled, horizontal, and vertical cuts as needed. 

    What Is an Excavator Shear Used For?

    Shears are ideal for use on applications where good cutting performance is a requirement without generating flames and sparks, such as airplanes and ships. They're also commonly used at demolition sites and scrap yards to cut through steel structures, metal sheets, girders, and cables. 

    Which materials can a hydraulic shear cut through?

    Hydraulic shears are the perfect tools for cutting through both ferrous metal (those containing iron) and nonferrous metals, such as aluminum. It also effortlessly cuts through tires, even the large OTR/mining ones. However, their design doesn't allow cutting through specially hardened or cast materials, and they don't do well with fibrous materials such as cabling.

    What's the Maximum Thickness Through Which These Shears Can Cut?

    Hydraulic shears come in various sizes; therefore, the maximum thickness you can cut through depends on the specific model's allowance. However, the largest ones can cut into metal sheets up to 1.61 inches thick and process solid rounds up to 7 inches in diameter.

    Is Hydraulic Plumbing Necessary When Using a Shear?

    It's crucial to ensure that your excavator shear is fitted with the appropriate hydraulic plumbing, including:

    It's also important to note that a qualified technician must adequately set up the pressure and flow meters. 

    Is Equipment Customization Necessary to Accommodate the Shear Attachment?

    In general, shear attachments are compatible as-is and won't need any form of customization. However, the carrier equipment must have at least two double-acting auxiliary hydraulic circuits to enable the machine operator to open and close the component and allow 360-degree rotation.

    Rotating shears need two of these systems, whereas non-rotating models only require one. However, it may be necessary to customize some specialized components.

    What Are the Service and Maintenance Requirements for Shears?

    Most demolition attachments, including shears, require greasing daily or after every eight hours of operation, whichever comes first. It's also essential to inspect the blades and other moving parts every day. It's advisable for product-specific service information to contact either the dealer that sold you the equipment or the OEM (original equipment manufacturer). 

    Whose Responsibility Is it to Fit the Shear Attachment to the Excavator?

    When it comes to demolition tools, the dealer's responsibility is to install the component after the sale. However, the OEM will fit any specialized attachments that require additional expertise.