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Cutting Edges, Part #1 X 10 X 8

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    Cutting edges are an essential application for excavator buckets. It facilitates digging, reduces machine downtime, and provides an overall return of investment during operations. Here we’ll discuss the types of edges, how they work, and which one is best for your machinery.   

    What is the purpose of an excavator bucket cutting edge?

    The edge is attached to the bucket to cut or move terrains such as soil, rock, or frost. It’s also needed to increase capacity and protect the bucket from wear and tear. Over time, it needs to be replaced as it dulls from use.   

    What are the different types of excavator bucket cutting edge?

    Excavation edge types can be categorized by how they’re attached and their profile shape. These factors, along with its material and thickness, determine its durability, productivity, and length of wear life. 

    Bucket Edge Profiles

    These are the standard dimensions of bucket edges and how to identify them:  

    What is the best cutting edge for my machine?

    It will depend on the type of machine and work you have ahead of you. Lightweight loads call for half arrow profiles, but single and double bevel are acceptable for most projects. You can place an order based on the make and model of your machinery, or you can have it entirely custom made to suit your needs.

    When should I replace the excavator bucket cutting edge?

    You’ll know it’s time to replace the edge when the contact surface (tip to flank) begins to wear. The more material hardness and stress applied over time, the deeper the wear. As mentioned earlier, if the cutting edge of your bucket is a bolt-on double bevel, it can be drilled off and reversed to get another use out of it.